Fettered By Feta

That was exactly how I felt when I look at the leftover piece of feta cheese sitting in the chiller. We did not use as much of it on our pizzas as we thought we would. So I felt that I needed to something about it before it gave up on me like the previous one when we made the pizzas.

I dug deep into the fridge and inspiration hit me. I love feta cheese in salads, so why not make another batch of salad? Pasta salad with feta again? No, thanks. I wanted something lighter.

And so I made this ....

Sauteed peppers with feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and cucumber dressed with lemon caper vinaigrette.

What a riot of colours!

The sauteed peppers were crunchy and sweet without any raw vegetable taste. The dressing was really lemony and provided just the right flavour to compliment the dense and creamy feta cheese. Perfect salad to accompany meaty dishes.


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