Portion Control

Whenever I hear of words such as "dieting", "lose weight", "eat less", "less fats" and their likes, it makes me sad, even when I am not the person in the subject matter.

I enjoy eating and there are only three oppportunities in a day for such activities. Most times just two, in fact. I'm talking about meals, not snacks.

Imagine yourself enclosed in a dark cave all the time and you were only given three chances to exit the cave into the sunlight. Would you:

(a) slather yourself with sunblock, top your head with a hat and shield your eyes with sunglasses before stepping out?

(b) bring a timer to ensure you get a even tan front and back?

(c) run right out to see the world and the sky above for all that it is?

(d) stay in the cave?

If you want to make my day, just drop me your choice in the comment section.

I would definitely choose (c). Life is too short as it is.

However, I don't mean to say that everyone should not take necessary precaution against possible risks. If there is a lightning storm outside the cave, please DO NOT run right out to see the world and sky above. In the same light, if calculating your B.M.I. makes you depressed, please do not over-enjoy food when given the two/three opportunities a day.

Note that I used the word "over-enjoy". I believe that regardless of your B.M.I., you still can enjoy food but with sensible portion control.

At the mention of portion control, images of typical Japanese food trays come to mind. See some of these delicious trays here and here both from Blue Lotus - one of my favourite sites to feed my craving for Japanese food.

Here's an interesting picture that I found from AsiaRecipe.com.

It seems to me that the Japanese have perfected the art of portion control by filling up every possible space of the tray with beautifully crafted mismatched tableware which are filled only sufficiently to still be able to allow the display of print on the receptacle. Plentiful but yet sparse. Clever, aren't they?

Anyone eating on portions such as those of the photos earlier on a daily basis should be able to lose weight, right? Well, I devoutly hope so. Because that is what I am betting on to get the scales down on Hubby's weight.

Hubby's weight is at all time high and Princess needs more vegetables in her in diet. All these shout Japanese food, which leftovers make nice bentos the next day.

We had Chicken Stew with Root Vegetables, Rolled Pork Belly with Vegetables (not pictured here), sauteed mushrooms and stir-fried vegetables. Not even remotely close to resembling those photos, but we left the table with happy tummies.

Note to self: Buy more Japanese tableware.


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