Chinese Food At Last

Dinner at home these days must have been a very bizzare from the view point of our little princess. She must be wondering what's happening to all her favourite foods. Now she eyes the food on the dinner table with suspicion. So I thought maybe I should take a break and cook something for her which she could relate to.

Ever cooked with century eggs (皮蛋) before? Guess there is a first time for everything. Century eggs and salted duck eggs included. Thanks to Betty Saw's Asian Retro Food.

It was a tofu dish but the tofu was completed covered by all the ingredients over it. *grin* As the yolk of the century egg was discarded, its taste was only very subtle. Good to go with porridge.

This dish is riddiculously easy to put together. So quick and easy, that I could still hold a reasonably intelligent conversation with Hubby while doing the prep. I'm going to bookmark this dish for occasions when my brains are fried.


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