30-Minute Clam Chowder

If you were here last November, then most probably you would have read my 30 Minute Cookbooks ranting. Then why would I cook a 30-Minute Clam Chowder? Because clam chowders can be done in 30 minutes. Long way or otherwise. I remembered doing one from Joy of Cooking, but obviously I didn't post it here.

I love clam chowders but am afraid to eat them outside after many watery or stale versions. And don't get me started on those canned ones. Absolute hellish.

This recipe is a complete waste of time and money. Well, even though this is from my favourite cookbook producer, shit happens. Just like their carrot cake. But that's another story. The chowder turned out to be too briny (perhaps use of so much clam juice).

Hubby: "Wow ... Did you dropped the whole jar of salt in it?"

Me: "No." *grinding my teeth*

Hubby: "Then what's in it?"

Me: "Clam juice." *still grinding my teeth*

Hubby seems to sensed my seething anger decided to retreat to safer ground.

And the use of red skinned potatoes didn't meld well with the chowder at all. Russets would disintergrate while cooking, but that's part of the thickening factor, isn't it?

Hubby: "Red skinned potatoes? I thought these are for salads only."

Me: "They should be."

Hubby: "Did the supermarket ran out of the usual potatoes?" He meant russets.

Me: "No." *starting to grind my teeth again*

Hubby: "The chowder looks weird with the red skins floating around."

Me: "You want some tobasco sauce?" Tobasco sauce is our miracle cure-all.

For clam chowder, I'll go with JOC, thank you.


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