Shrimp Jambalaya

With roughly another two more weeks to go on this month's Cooking The Cookbooks, I still have a few more shortlisted recipes to try.

Apart from the main challenge of getting our little princess to eat the recent strange foods, the other challenge I have encountered so far is that this book is not an exhaustive tome like Joy of Cooking or The Gourmet Cookbook. Craving for a blueberry scone or something Thai? Sorry, not this book.

Then comes the tough questions: Will I ever cook from this book again after this month? If not, am I going to junk the book?

Let's cross the bridge when we come to it, alright?

Recipe #6 happened to be Shrimp Jambalaya which was something that I had done before from another cookbook. Jambalaya is not hard to make except trying to avoid turning out a pot of soggy mushy rice. I deem myself as a rather decent cook who is able to turn out a pot of fluffy rice when called to task. But this Jambalaya was a whole different kettle of shrimp!

Cooked with all the sauteed vegetables and add on canned diced tomatoes and clam juice, I had a bad feeling when I sent it to the rice cooker.

Wait. Did the cookbook said to send it to the rice cooker?

No, it didn't. It was suppose to go into the oven. Alright, so I am a home cook who can't follow instructions.

The rice turned out soggy and mushy, but the flavour was good and simple to put together. And that is the only I'm going to give the rice another go at it before abandoning it altogether. I suspect that if this was done properly, it would be a wonderful dish to entertain with.


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