All-American Potato Salad

While watching "Chef At Home" on Asia Food Channel, this was what transpired ...

Hubby: "Hmm ... What's he making?"

Me: "Gnocchi, I think."

Hubby: "Really?"

Me: "Yeah, baked potatoes, flour and eggs. What else could it be?"

Hubby: "I don't know. He made it looked so easy to make. Maybe mashed potatoes?"

Me: "It's his job to convince you that it is. Look at those baked potatoes. I need some potatoes now!"

With that, I bounced off the sofa, zipped into the kitchen and rummaging through my pantry bin. Russet potatoes. Perfect.

By the time I re-emerge from the kitchen with a bowl of cream potato salad, the TV screen has been switched to CNBC.

Hubby: "What do you have there?"

Me: "Want some?"

Hubby: "Wow, creamy. Give me some more."

Me: (With eyes still on the CNBC screen) "The number is up again."

Hubby: "(Mistaking my reference to the Dow Jones) "Yeah, it has been up for the past few days."

Me: "I'm talking about your weight."

Hubby: "Ooh ..."


Hubby: "Yeah, it has been up for the past few YEARS."

He gobbled down a few more heap tablespoons of the salad before I snatched the bowl back and tuck it into the fridge.

There are good potato salad and bad potato salad in my books. A good potato salad should have tender chunky potato pieces, a few spots of chopped boiled eggs, occasional morsels of pickles for the omph and binded together with creamy tangy mayonnaise. A bad potato salad is one that does not have all the the above together in a bowl.

In the matter, American Test Kitchen seems to think likewise. Their All-American Potato Salad happen to have all the above components. If you are interested to make, the recipe can be found online.

Potato salad like these are evil as it encourages over-eating. Now that you have been properly warned, go and make yourself some.


  1. What brand of mayonnaise do you recommend? I like potato salad.

    I previously had it with melted butter.

  2. The best mayonnaise that I have read for making potato salad is Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise for its creaminess and superior taste. Available at Cold Storage S$4.50 for 470ml bottle. I am still trying to finish up my Kraft Real Mayonnaise.


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