Blueberry Scones

What do parents do when they have frisky 4-year-old on hand who doesn't want to go down for a nap?

My answer to that is to do baking. No complicated whisking or folding. No need to wait for a second rise. Doesn't even need to butter any pan. Just simple stir and dump.

Actually the best stir-and-dump candidate is the muffins, but I think that the last blueberry muffins are still fresh on our minds.

I love scones. Especially light and cakely ones, still warm from the oven. The amount of butter used in scones are definitely much less than muffins and I am surprised why Michael Rulhman didn't include it into his book Ratio since they both share the same ingredients.

It took less than an hour from start to sitting down and munch. That was slightly too speedy isn't it when the objective was to kill time.

With blueberries threatening to pop out from each one of these scones, they make delightful snack anytime of the day. Although these don't look much of a resemblance to the ones I made previously, they are definitely from the same recipe.


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