Round Up Of 1st "Cooking The Cookbooks"

Now that we have come to the end of my first Cooking The Cookbooks, I just want to put down some thoughts on this mini project.

What??!! It's been a month? Yeah, time passes quickly when you are having fun.

Choice Of Book

If I am evaluating this book solely on by merits on the quality of the recipes, this book is definitely chock full of delicious and workable recipes. Except for that clam chowder.

But if I evaluate the suitability of this book for my family taste buds, I can't say that it fare that well. Since our little princess had voiced out that she would very much want her regular rice for dinner henceforth. Sigh ... But at least I got her to eat the beef stew.

So now I am pondering on the selection criteria for my next book to cook. Japanese?

Favourite Recipe

I would definitely choose Chicken Salad with Mango, Avocado and Citrus Dressing. Main dish salad as well as a fruit salad. All my favourite foods rolled into one.

Last Thoughts

Cookbooks are definitely worthy investments. I think I've save quite a bit on dining out recently. It is hard to find good real food these days, and that is the main reason I cook.

10 recipes in a month. That's a low starting point. *Grin*


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