Brinjal, Aubergine Or Eggplant?


Whatever its name is, I just love this plant. But this love didn't start immediately with my weaning. It probably really took of in my late twenties. Yeah, I'm a late bloomer. Well, better be late than never, right?

This dish calls for scoring the brinjal and then stir fry it before adding the braising liquid made from soy sauce and sake.

As I had bought the local brinjal, the thickness of the skin was much more pronounced in this delicate dish. If it has been a sambal stir fry (another of my favourite), the mouth would probably be too distracted to notice it.

A simple dish, spiked with a little chilli for the ommph, is always a welcome for a weekday dinner in this home.

Maybe I should count the number of ways to cook a brinjal?

* Sambal stir fry
* Japanese braise
* Sichuan style with minced pork
* In fish head curry
* Italian eggplant parmasan

I think I am too bored with life.


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