Back From A Break

No, I didn't go to the land of sakura.

Instead I spent my time being fearful of being too far away from a toilet.

Sigh ... If I ever complained that my life is too bored again, will someone please box my ears. Driving on a highway with a churning stomach IS VERY exciting. I highly recommend it to anyone who claims that life is too boring.

The good news is that I lost weight. But the bad news is that the Hubby had taken over the cooking. When he takes over the cooking, the food that comes out of the kitchen are edible and unique, to say the least. So hopefully, I can be back on the roll again.

Speaking of roll, I made Vietnamese Rice Rolls yesterday and it was quite good. I didn't follow any particular recipe for the rolls but I made the dipping sauce from Bon Appetit which was really good. Actually this is not exactly convalescing food but I just craved for something Thai or Vietnamese. But it is sure fast and easy to put together. Healthy, too.

(picture taken from The Star Online)

This is so light and easy to eat, I wolfed down about 4 gaint rolls of it. *smile*

Move over popiah, I want my Vietnamese Rice Rolls.


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