Beef Bowl


During our many dinners in Tokyo, beef bowl was a staple on our dining table for it was our little princess absolute favourite dish. Although she sample all our foods, she would still stay with her beef bowl. Even until today, whenever she is hungry, she would look for her "orange shop" - Yoshinoya and after one big bowl of it, she is a happy camper.

Despite decrying the local Yoshinoya's beef bowl for the lack of authenticity, and having tasted some really good ones in Tokyo, I have not thought of making my own. Well, that is so like me to complain but no action.

However, I was hard pressed to think of what to do with 2 packs of thinly sliced beef which I had grabbed from Cold Storage at a discount yesterday. Deep discount, that is. Now that I think about it, I wonder if the person tagging it made a mistake for the beef were in perfect condition. Or was there something I didn't know about? Okay, I shan't be so psychotic about it.

The recipe for this beef bowl didn't come for the chosen book for this month but instead from one of my other favourite Japanese cookbook - The Japanese Kitchen. It is unbelievable easy to make. Just simmer everything in the pot and in less than 15 mins, you can have tender juicy morsels of beef and hearty rice in your mouth. It is that simple, I promise you. Don't believe me? Well, don't ... just check out the recipe yourself (from Closet Cooking).

I am feeling the lure of the Japanese food again. Simplicity is the manifesto of Japanese cooking. Good news for the cook, good food for the hungry.


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