Rounding Up 2nd "Cooking The Cookbooks"

I'm quite glad that I have started this little project to focus on one cookbook a month, and am beginning to think that I a genius. Yes, I get carried away at times. With so many cookbooks to choose from, the task of looking for one recipe for dinner can be a needle-in-the-haystack job. Just by confining myself to one cookbook makes me look harder for recipes which are (1) new; (2) interesting; and (3) really do-able.

Choice Of Book

My little princess loves all the recipes coming from this book, so needless to say that it is a good choice. The cooking methods are very straight forward and fuss free. There are very good pictures for illustration which makes this non-Japanese literate person able to cook from a Japanese cookbook.

Favourite Recipe

I think it is a tie between the freeze dried tofu (高野豆腐) and the soy sauce pork slices (しょうが焼き).

Last Thoughts

Japanese cooking is really straight forward and healthy. I find that I am very comfortable with this style of cooking and eating.

8 recipes only??!!


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