Last Installment of 2nd "Cooking The Cookbooks"

I am really reluctant to put an end to cooking from this book, but I realised that I am starting to look at other cuisines. Japanese food is good, but the chilli-heads tend to get neglected. In between cooking from the book, I had to injected Vietmanese Rice Rolls and Thai-style Beef Salad just to spruce up my life.

If you are wondering why the Thai-style Beef Salad didn't make an appearance here, it was because it wasn't really a picture perfect, but tasted good. It will make a comeback on my table again, hopefully this time round I will be able to take a snap.

With this book, I have tried new ingredients such the kouyadofu (freeze dried tofu) and hijiki (brown sea vegetable). I ate hijiki when I was in Tokyo and love the taste of it. I just did a look-up on the Internet on hikiji and guess what I found? That health agencies have issued a warning against the consumption of this seaweed for the high level of inorganic arsenic. OMG! I ate a whole bunch last night!

Stewed hijiki seaweed

Well, too late to worry about that now. I still have one containter of its leftover in the fridge. Will I be eating it? Of cos! The Japs didn't die from eating it EVERYDAY, I don't see why I should stop eating it. Moreover, according to Japanese folklore, eating this seaweed is said to help you sprout a head of lush thick hair. I need that ... badly, even if it kills me.

Serving meals Japanese style forces me to think of various side dishes which I have to come up with for a meal. Vegetable as side dishes is a no-brainer and so are those fridge staples of colourful pickles. I try to go with natural foods where possible, hence no pickles. Except for kimchi, of cos.

A quick stir fry turns the zucchini into a satisfying side dish. I love zucchini, even if it breaks my bank to eat it regularly.

Stir-fried zucchini

The main dish for last night's dinner was actually this.


Slices of pork simmered in a mixture of soy sauce, ginger juice and sake. Simple to prepare and the sauce makes wonderful dressing for the wedge of iceberg lecture towering over it.

This is how the whole table actually looked like. Cookbook on the top left and food cover on the right.

Messy!! (-.-#)


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