Mix-And-Match Dinner

If you are wondering whether Cooking The Cookbook 2 is still on, the answer is yes.

Unfortunately due to the unprecedented strike by my disgestive system, things had ground to a halt. The interim management (aka Hubby) had taken the liberty to buy whatever he fancied, so I now had to clear the fridge before restarting the cooking project.

This was our dinner last night ...

Simple boiled spinach with a dab of oyster sauce and kimchi.

As I had mentioned in the earlier post, we made Vietnamese Rice Rolls and had lettuce and chicken leftover. That quickly became a salad for this meal. That's upcycling, my dear.

What's the best way to cook lots of vegetables in a pot? In a curry, of cos.

And what happens when dinner gets delayed? A grumpy princess.

And what is the best remedy? A beef bowl, of cos. *smile smartly*

I will probably have to do one more round of clearing before I can get back into the book. But I am still within the theme, right? I know, I am pushing it. (^.^)


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