Mummy & Daddy By Princess

Daddy and Mommy

What you are looking at are actually drawings done by my little princess princess in school while waiting for me to pick her up. She handed me the scraps (look at the torn edges) when I finally turned up at her school gate and pointed happily who is who. A few thoughts crashed into my half-dead brains immediately.

Firstly, my picture has a house for a backdrop. Secondly, I am wearing pants while the Daddy wears a ... sarong? Thirdly, we are all smiling. And lastly, my portrait has ears but not the Daddy's.

After pondering on it for a few moments, I think I have reasonable explanations for these innocent and subtle differences. But then again I am no mind reader and can only speculate what is the image of us that she sees in her mind's eye.

My picture comes with a house - maybe I pick her up from school and we spend alot of time at home doing nonsense?

I'm wearing pants - maybe the image of her Daddy seared in her mind is one which he wrapped a towel when walking out of the bathroom? Or maybe she somehow knows that Mommy is the one who wears the pants in our family? Haha ...

We are all smiling - hopefully this is an indication that she is in a happy environment and she remembers us as being happy around her.

My portrait has ears - maybe cos I tend to hear her out more than her Daddy who is still working on this skill.

If all the above are true, then it would mean that kids are more preceptive about their environment than we think them to be.

But then again, I am just guess.


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