Pork Chops with Sauteed Apples and Cider Cream Sauce

I vaguely remembered that I have attempted a pork chops/apple combo before, but I can't find it here. Anyway, I also remembered that I'd burnt the raisins, so perhaps that was why I didn't blog about it.

Anyway, this recipe came from The Gourmet Cookbook (again!).
The recipe calls for pork chops which I presume that it meant bone-in ones. As you can see from the photo, mine weren't as the supermarket didn't have any. But the good thing was that they cook realy quickly, and that was just what I needed to feed hungry mouths.

Pork and apples is a good combination and this dish can't really go wrong, except for the cream sauce, which I found it to lack body. Maybe I didn't reduce it sufficiently. The tang from the vinegar was a nice balance to the whole dish. Would I make it again? I doubt it. I would much prefer a wine sauce than this cream sauce.

However, one good thing came from this experiment: our little princess loves apples cooked in butter. Me too! Yum!


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