Rice Cooker Musing

Over at this part of the world, one could well expect that every household would have a rice cooker sitting somewhere in the house. Well, when we moved into our first house, we promptly bought ourselves one too, except that it sat in the store room for a good 3 years (!!!) before we finally took it out of its box. Those were the pre-baby days when cooking sessions was almost as prized as a vacations.

Now, my rice cooker is totally indispensable. Our little princess is a rice junkie. But after endless pots of fluffy rice, I am beginning to wonder if I can up the ante to cook a more complicated rice dish. I did Chicken Rice, Mushroom Rice and Meatball Rice, but had not venture much further that. I don't even want to dabble with baking a cake or cooking curry with it. I will stick to my oven and stovetop for those, thank you.

What do you cook in your rice cooker?


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