Steak and Mushroom Pie (Filling?)

With this dish, I nailed 3 new recipes last week that I had listed to try. This is just too much fun. The Sausage and Penne came out well and so did this dish, but the Swiss Steak from Joy of Cooking was not as great. This is the first recipe from Joy of Cooking which was not to my liking. Perhaps it was my fault for not following the instructions to bake it instead of improvising with my Shuttle Chef.

The steak and mushroom pie filling prep was much like any other stews that calls for browning the meat and then add onions and flour and pour wine over it to form the sauce. As this recipe calls for 2 cups of dry red wine, I had to look for a decent (and cheap) red wine to cook with. So now I know that whenever a recipe calls for dry red wine I should home in on these few: Cabernet Sauvigon, Bordeaux or Pinot Noir. For this dish, I picked up a Cabernet Sauvigon for S$16.90 (750ml bottle). When I poured it on and let the pan come to a simmer, I was shocked that my pan turned a dull shade of pink! But thank goodness it didn't come out pink but a nice lovely brown after the whole pot simmered for an hour. Just don't ask me what happened in the pot.

I didn't bother to fiddle with any pie crust, but instead served this with rice. Another dangerous food which will lead to overeating.


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