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Back into the kitchen

I used to be a big fan of Kenny Rogers Rotissries here for many years. But of late, I felt that the quality of the food served has taken a plunge. However, I must add that their Corn Muffins still taste as good as ever and I would sometimes just pop by to pick up a few whenever cravings hit. I love roast chicken. Be it Chinese roast chicken or otherwise, I want them all. One of my ex-office workers mentioned that she would prefer to roast her own chicken whenever time permits than to buy over the counter. Now, I fully understand what she meant. Last Saturday, I made oven Roast Chicken. After a quick research from The All New Joy of Cooking, I can't believe how simple it was. I came across a blog somewhere, that advised quartering the chicken and roast it skin side up is faster than roasting a whole chicken. So I rubbed my quartered chicken generously with salt and ground black pepper and then drizzled it with an avalanche of melted butter and placed them skin side up on an oiled b


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Just back from my 3 weeks stint of being a SAHM as the baby sitter (aka. Hubby) was away. Caring for a 12 months' old tot left me no time for any cooking experiments. I did cook, but just repeating some of the usual dishes I had already blogged about. Now that Hubby is back, I am looking forward to getting back into my experiments again. So hopefully, I will be able to get down to those recipes I have earmarked for a long time.