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More On Bread and Others

For the past week I have been on my bum alot cos I was trying to finish up my Korean drama serial (Yu-Hee, The Witch) and when I get into this mode, I am literally wasted. For my Korean drama fan readers: This is the synopsis for the drama , Yu-Hee The Witch. On the overall, I think this show is only so-so. Probably a 6 out of 10 rating. I liked it just because of the way the characters dress. I think the wardrobe manager did a good job. Story line wise, it is quite predictable and gets draggy towards the end. Another plus point of the show is that since the guy was an aspiring French cook, there are many cooking scenes. I love the way they plate the desserts. Yummy! I managed to get around to baking bread once a week for the past three weeks. But each time I have been experimenting with different variations of the recipe that I had used previously and I am hoping to find one that yields the right texture and flavour for me. The prep work. Mountain shape bread The cross section. I

Photo Taking (Kiddy Style)

In this post, my little princess will show how her mummy usually take photos. First, you turn on the camera. Secondly, you move obstacles out of your way, which they were no lack since my countertop was so messy. Thirdly, you choose an angle to take. And lastly, take a quick snap. And here's the final photo ... but its from mommy's camera, of course. We made Corn and Raisin Muffins last night. The recipe is from the book How To Bake by Nick Malgieri . I haven't read the book from cover to cover, but from the few pages that I have browsed, the book is easy to read and recipes look promising. I bought a box of cornmeal hoping to make Kenny Roger's Corn Muffins , but I was just too lazy to pull out my mixer, so I opted for this corn muffins instead. This Corn and Raisin Muffins tasted like soft cookies when they were warm from the oven. Crunchy and has lots of texture due to the cornmeal. As a muffin, I don't think that it is anything special. Maybe my cornmeal was too

Soft White Bread II

This is my first loaf in the new year and it is the softest bread I have ever turned out from my oven. And for that reason solely, I like this version better than the previous two. The softness comes from more liquid in the dough. Just look at the soft interior. Despite the higher liquid in the dough, it was still very easy to handle. However, while I was working the butter into the dough, my little princess and I had these conversations. **************************** Me: "I am going to start thumping the dough, so that we would have a soft bread." Princess: "Thump gently,okay? If not other babies wake up how? If not Uncle Andy's baby wake up how?" (Cos we always tell her to be quite and gentle around babies and we recently visited Hubby's buddy's newborn.) Me: "..." ***************************** Princess: "Mommy, please wait. I am going to play golf first." (The she held up one of my laddles with one hand and swung into the air."

Kiddy Baking

What do you do when you have a restless kid roaming in your house? I got my little princess to bake banana cake with me last night just to keep her entertained and also to clear the bananas on the table. I wanted to bake a banana cake, but she insisted on adding the choc chips, so we ended up the exact same version as the previous post . Sigh... she is really her mother's daughter. So here's her with more choc chips in her mouth and on her than in those muffins. "I want to this! It has lots of chocolate chips!" "Mommy! I have flour on my arm!" Here's her first bite into the warm muffins. And you know when you food blog too much when ... I made a double batch and froze some. I wonder how the frozen muffins would taste. Hmm ... * Note to self - Banana muffins made with cake flour is very crumbly when eaten hot but is still soft the next day. *

Soy Sauce Chicken

During the Kinokuniya sale, I picked up 2 books from Betty Saw and one of it was the Asia Retro Food . This book is full of recipes to dishes that I can immediately relate to and I am hoping to try out some of them soon. Maybe if I can try enough of them, I would perhaps volunteer to cook the Chinese New Year Reunion feast with this book. (^.^) Anyway, this Soy Sauce Chicken was delicious. It tasted different from our usual version which was closer to those gingery confinement style which makes it less heaty. Oh by the way, my books from Amazon finally arrived (after much worrying cos the shipment was very late). Guess I will be busy reading cookbooks than cooking now!

Mexican Beef Chilli With Beans

It has been a long time since I cooked chilli. The last time was in Oct-06 . Since the weather has been kind of wet recently, I thought that a nice bowl of chilli would be great to warm the tummy. This recipe came from The Essential Rice Cookbook . It calls for beef chuck but I used ground beef to speed up the cooking. I used more spices and chilli too cos I like a good kick in my chilli. (^.^) Now, if only there is a nice crusty loaf of bread to mop up the gravy. Hmmm...... Oh and here's a tub for the freezer ...