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Looking For Inspirations

Recently I found my exploration of new recipes has slowed to a trickle. My cooking has been reduced to "cooking-only-when-starvation-threatens" mode. Guess my cooking is like everything else, it's cyclical. So while my cooking is taking a backseat, I search for new inspiration has not stopped. Be it surfing the net or reading cookbooks. But lately, I have been obsessed with waffles. Not those chewy, pancake thingy that Prima Deli dishes out. I am talking about those firm, airy, crispy and evenly browned waffles that go best when topped with ice cream. (^-^) And hence, my latest object of desire. This gadget is going for S$188. For such a single purpose machine, I would need to consider hard. I mean I have to ask myself how often I am going to be eating waffles. Everyday ... ? Nah! Sigh ... I am always wanting this and that. Which is well that I stumbled upon this site last week or so. Just in 4 simple sentences, they say so much. Don't you think?

Teng's Birthday

On Sunday, Bigfoot has graciously opened her house and host our long overdued gathering. This time was for Teng's birthday. The bunch of us went a long way back to our secondary school days. Some we have know for 17 years (i.e. Tony), some for 15 years (i.e. Alex), while Teng for 14 years. As our lives got packed with never-ending work and social obligations, gatherings like this are far and few in between. But nonetheless, I am sure we had all enjoyed the brief few hours that we had spent together last Sunday. So enough of my long/short story, let's get on with the photos. Here's Bigfoot proudly showing off her hammie, Fatty. Washing my princess' hand involved alot of manpower. Here's a close up of Teng's cake. Thanks to Alex who bought it from Four Leaf. It was yummy, esp the hidden kit-kat biscuit surprise. The obligatory blowing of candles, except that it was done by my princess instead of Teng. The kit-kat biscuit made it really hard to cut up. "Eeeeee

Making of Okonomiyaki (Stuffed Pancakes)

I made the pancakes again this morning. Made a boo-boo in the begining but thank goodness the pancake was very accomodating. I added a little chicken granular to it to give the taste a boost it much needed. Result: The pancake was so yummy that I didn't have to eat lunch! There is a quick run down on how to make the pancakes ... To make the batter: Combine 1 cup of plain flour , 1 cup of dashi or water , 1/2 tsp of salt , 1/2 tsp of chicken granular . Mix well to achieve a thick batter. Add one quarter of a medium size cabbage (thinly sliced) and chopped spring onions to the mixing bowl. Add one lightly beaten egg . Pour the batter into a hot and lightly oiled skillet. Hopefully it forms a nice circle. Just don't mind my shape, alright? Flip the pancake when the bottom is lightly browned. Drizzle lots of okonomiyaki sauce (available from supermarkets) and mayonnaise . You can do some artwork here if you fancy. Or you can be like me, just drizzle blindly and then cover it all

お好み焼き - Okonomiyaki - Stuffed Pancakes

It has been my family tradition to eat a meatless dish in the morning on the first day of CNY. When I was still staying with my mom, she would dish up a vegeterian mixed vegetable dish served with plain stir fried bee hoon. For the past few years, my mom would pack a container of the vegeterian mixed vegetable for me bring home after our reunion dinner. But this year, she took a break from making it after countless years. So I would have to fend for myself but I have no mind to make that mixed vegetable dish from scratch! After flipping mindlessly through a few cookbooks (which is my #1 favourite pastime), this stuffed pancake caught my eye. I have had it before in a restuarant and I liked it alot. So I thought maybe I would just drop the meat from the dish and it ought to make a very filling breakfast. If you still have no idea what I am talking about, click here to see some pictures of it . Unfortunately, I was in a hurry to feed my little princess and get the visiting started so

P for Procrastination

This was the text message I sent to my best friend, Bigfoot, on the eve of CNY. "Just sent a batch of p-tarts into the oven. Wishing you were here." By "p-tarts" I meant pineapple tarts. But after I hit the "Send" button, I thought they should be more aptly called procrastination tarts since I had wait until this very last minute to make them. (*.*) Pre-baby days, I would invite Bigfoot to my place and we would pull out the pineapple tart moulds, rolling pins, pastry brushes, etc and soaked ourselves in sugar, butter, flour and lots of pinepple tart filling for hours. The fun part was making the tarts and laughing over how ugly our tarts were. Unfortunately, as our lives got more hectic, arranging for such a bake-off got slightly more complicated. So without Bigfoot's delicate hands to roll and unmould the tarts, I had to opt for a simpler version. That's how I ended up with Betty Saw's Pineapple Rolls. According to the recipe, I am suppose to

Frozen Scones

I couldn't bring myself to make bread last night at 11pm. Instead, this morning I fished out a batch of frozen scones from my freezer and agonised over the option of spreading butter or jam on it in case the scones come out tasting stale or funny. I thawed the frozen scones for as long as it takes to heat up the oven. Since it took longer to bake frozen than fresh and I don't know how long, I used the visual test to determine if the scones were done. Results? They tasted just as good as if they were made fresh. (^.^)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my readers! I'm sorry I haven't been posting for a while cos my eyes are glued on some books I picked up recently. Yes, I am forever buying books. (^.^) Here are some books that I am reading. (1) Sing To The Dawn by Ho Mingfong (2) The Clay Marble by Ho Mingfong (3) Mistress Oriku by Matsutaro Kawaguchi I'm going back to reading my books and munching on pineapple tarts now. (#^_^#)