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Vietnamese Rice Rolls

I think I am such a contradictory person. Almost everyday I would devoutly wish to have some time to myself, but when I do have time to on my hands, I have no idea what to do with it. That was what happened last night. My little princess dropped off to dreamland at 7pm and Hubby was working late. So I have the whole evening to myself. And what did I do? Raid the fridge! After a quick stock taking, I realised that I have enough ingredients to make these rice rolls. So that was how I spent two hours of the evening. These rice rolls are made from ingredients that are inexpensive, but they are certainly labour intensive. I made these rolls with bibb lettuce, thick rice noodles, cucumbers, cilantro, mint leaves and prawns. All layered in that order and wrapped spring roll style. I used Bon Appetit's dipping sauce with these. Now, I hope I will get to the leftovers before Hubby does.

Lover's Quarrel With My Cameras

I love my big girl camera , but my shoulders are hurting too much to even carry my pocket edition stand-in . I need to shed some weight from my tote bag. So these days, I am only using my iPhone to snap. The photo quality is nothing to cheer about but it is about capturing the moment. Right?

Thai Green Curry Paste

"Do you know how to make Thai Green Curry?" My mom asked me one fine day when we were having dinner. "Maybe. Why?", I ventured carefully. "Oh, why don't we make some one of these days?", she chirped happily. Ever since then, green curry appears weekly on our table every week like clockwork. In my research into the recipe for the curry paste, I flipped quite a few cookbooks and amazed that some of my cookbook hadn't bothered to include a recipe for it. Certainly not Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything (yellow edition). It led me to wonder if people do make curry paste still or that has gone the dodo way. Making curry paste is certain easy if you avoid the true blue way of pounding with mortar and pestal. Just whizz the ingredients in a blender and you will have a raw paste in no time at all. After that, it is just a matter of frying until you start choking and coughing and crawling your way out of the kitchen to know that the paste is ready. B

Afternoon Snack

Everyday when we get home in the afternoons, little princess would ask for a snack. She seems to see me as a walking snack shack. Anyway, when I noticed that she seems to be really hungry, I took the opportunity to clear my fridge by pumping her with more substantial foods (aka leftovers). This is her typical upsized snack.

Oatmeal Raisins & Chocolate Chip Cookies

I pulled these out of the freezer and handed them to our little princess to bake. It is quite a nice lazy Sunday afternoon activity, provided the dough is already pre-made.

It Feels Like We Are In Japan (photo)

Having problems posting this photo from my iPhone. Arghhh ...

It Feels Like We Are In Japan

It would be a typical dinner for us when we were in Japan. Lots of beautifully packed boxes in all sorts of mind boggling combinations. It was sheer agony just deciding which box to choose. One that I would gladly go through though. So when we were at Mediya the other day, I couldn't resist picking a few boxes. Alright, I picked up quite a few. We went back home and were tearing into the bags. Then our little princess said in between bites: "This feels like we are in Japan." We all nodded. Except we weren't.

Zucchini Pancakes

I'm have been munching on this for the past weeks. I love zucchini!

You Have To Watch This

In our quiet house last night: Hubby: "Come quick!" He leaped from the sofa in front of the tv. Me: "I'm not interested in World Cup." Carrying on to do whatever I was doing. Hubby: "No, you have to watch this!" Sounded a bit more persistant. Me: "Huh?" Walking over and thinking which team has gotten him this excited. It wasn't the World Cup but Food Network Asia which has just touched down in our local network yesterday. We watched a half minute clip of Paula Deen making some sort of pesto mayo mixture for a portobello mushroom burger which she then held in her hediously manicured fingers. I mean, give me a break, you call yourself a cook with these heavily lacquered acrylic? So the ultimate food porn has arrived and will that inspire more of us here to cook? I, for one, didn't get a single drop of inspiration after watching it for an hour last night. Maybe that's just me. That is the irony about cooking channels. They

Forever Summer (Or Not?)

No, I am not making reference to Nigella Lawson's series . I'm talking about the weather here in Singapore. Singapore weather these days is the easiest to describe to anyone, even though you haven't really been here before or even checked out the weather reports or even know where is Singapore in the first place. * Oh yea, it has been wet. (Rodents who can swim probably did some exclusive window shopping around Orchard Road during the flash flood.) * Oh yea, it has been dry. (Random trees along the expressway looks as though they were plucked out from some temperate countries during autumn and preserved here.) * Oh yea, it has been hot. (I need to fix my car dash board external temperature reading; it blinked 35.5 degC constantly when it is not raining!) * Oh yea, it has been cold. (When it rains.) Any of the above reply would aptly describe what we are going through these days. To sum it up: crappy. So what is one to cook during these crappy days? Hot and tongue