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I Should Remember

I think I have become a very cynical person over the years but events that have happened this week had pretty much made me want to re-evaluate my view of this world. A few days ago, I officially became an aunt when my sister delivered. Carrying that little milky-smelling bundle in my arms made me admire the wonders of life. How can this little thing be so perfectly built? I would like to send my compliments to the Chief Engineer and Project Manager. However, this is not to say that I don’t think my princess was less perfect, but I don’t remember feeling this awe when looking at her in her newborn state. I was in too much pain. On the way to the hospital to visit my sister, we stopped by a few shops to pick up some stuff. I was standing at a bakery scanning their wares when suddenly this little boy, I guess no older than 2 years of age, came to stand beside me. He held a $2 note in his hand and the other was on a pack of buns. He did not remove the pack from the shelf, merely putting