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Pancakes On Sunday

Photo from FoodNetworkAsia While it has been mentioned many times on this blog that I love breakfast, I just couldn't get around to making it in the mornings. Every ounce of bones in my body is lazy, and I am 33 years too late in changing that. However, maternal instincts proves there is hope yet. Our little princess woke up on Sunday morning and asked what are we going to have for breakfast. I cracked open one eye to assess her seriousness in getting breakfast and also to rule out the possibility that she asked the question for the sake of striking up a conversation in the morning to wake me up. Yes, she does that some times. Her hungry eyes told me that she was ready for pancakes and her first taste of maple syrup. After a rather large cup of my soul sustaining morning tea, I was torn between flipping pancakes and trying to pry the maple syrup bottle away from her sticky fingers. I love the Joy of Cooking pancake recipe which makes thick, soft and fluffy pancakes. Seriousl

To Be Loved

The house is usually stuffy and warm in the late afternoon. Our fans and aircons are working overtime. And the other day our little princess had just about enough of doing problem sums with me and was begging for a break. Since I had some work to finish up, I let her off the hook. Shortly after, or maybe many minutes later, I saw a grubby little hand pushing a note like this towards me. I was quite surprised by the note. But before I could say anything, our little princess pulled out another hand from behind her with this note in it. Then I forgot what I had wanted to say. When I looked over to where I thought she was seating watching her TV, I saw another little note lying on the floor with her scissors, pencils and papers. My heart beat painfully for a minute and it felt like what the song Butterfly Kisses meant. "Oh, with all that I've done wrong, I must have done something right. To deserve her love every morning and butterfly kisses at night." -Butterfly K

Back To Rice Cooker

I think I might have just found a nice solution for hot weather cooking. I mean, this isn't something new on this blog , but it just didn't strike me as hot weather cooking until the other day when I was at my wits end trying to come up with something to feed our little princess. She was fed up with all the weird food coming out of my kitchen and I was fed up with the crazy weather. Cooking everything in rice cooker does not generate much heat in the kitchen and also it is really just one-pot cooking. No fuss, no clean-up. Only happiness in a bowl. When it comes to rice, I will always turn to my Japanese cookbooks first. So far, I have managed to dissect the rice section into 9 parts: takikomi gohan (炊き込みご飯), maze gohan (まぜご飯), okowa (おこわ), sushi (寿司), donburi (どんぶり), omu rice (オムライス), curry rice (カレー), onigiri (おにぎり), and ochazuke (お茶漬け). And if you frequent Japanese food establishment often enough, you will no doubt find most of them familiar, with the exception of th

While Driving, I Think About ...

While driving, I think about ... ... whether my favourite parking lot at the office carpark has been taken. ... what songs are playing in the car waiting beside me at the traffic junction. ... what are the people thinking while waiting at the bus-stop. ... how hot it is going to get today, judging by the intensity of the morning sun at 8 a.m. ... what I need to get done when I get into my office. ... when Friday is coming. ... why the couple on the motorcycle beside seems so chatty early in the morning. ... why the couple in the luxurious car beside me are so silent. ... what made the jogger choose to run on the pavement along a congested road. ... whether they teach bus drivers aggressive driving techniques in driving school or they picked that up along the way. ... why almost half the songs on my car play list are in foreign languages. ... what to cook for dinner tonight. ... whether it will rain today. ... whether our little princess is late for school again. ... wha

Melting In The Heat

Whenever Hubby asked me to avoid walking in the rain, I would remind him that I am neither made of salt nor sugar and therefore will not melt in a slight drizzle. He'd roll his eyes on that reply. But today I would like to add on to that statement: "Except in blazing heat." I really really detest these unbearably hot days. It saps my energy. It saps my inspirations. It saps the life out of me. And I am staying away from the stove, oven and any other cook appliance that generates heat. However, I've been reading everywhere on the internet space that everyone is welcoming summer with picnics and bountiful farmers' market trips. I wish I could share their positive attitude. By the way, I have just found out that there is a farmers' market here in Singapore but it is only up on the first Saturday morning of each month. I learnt of it too late for this month, so I will probably try again next month (Aug. 6). Click over to The Pantry for more details on their fa