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Mommy, I Wanna Be A Baker!

Recently, my little princess has taken to lingering around the kitchen while I prepare our meals. And to keep her occupied, I would play her CD of children's songs. In it was the song "Que Sarah Sarah". It made me wonder what my little precious would become in the future. So the other day, while we were having another kiddy baking session to make banana cake, I asked her what she wants to be next time. At this age of 3, I don't expect any logical answer, but I was really surprised that she said: "I want to be in a bakery shop selling cakes, muffins, biscuits and candies!" Well, well, don't kids say the darnest things? That is good for now as it will mean an extra helping hand in my baking adventures.

S$10 Meal For 4?

Last Sunday, I picked up the copy of newspaper at my door and saw this headline: " Dinner for 4 for S$10 ". This woke me up from my it's-Sunday-switched-off mode, which usually ends at about noon. S$10? I don't mean to sound like a snob who eats only expensive stuff, but is it really possible? The paper invited 2 food experts to create dishes within that budget and they came up with 4 ethnic selections. I am not a pro in Malay cuisine nor Indian, so I can only relate to the Chinese and Western ones. So, let's take a closer look at what they came up with. Chinese meal include: Tomato and fishcake soup (S$0.95), Fried chicken (S$2.10), Steamed egg with minced pork (S$1.35), Stir fried vegetables with prawns (S$4.35) and Rice (S$0.70) Total cost: S$9.45 Western meal is a Spaghetti bolognese which cost S$7.90. Now, a few things struck me immediately. Firstly, all the above computations disregard the other miscellaneous cooking elements such as cooking condiment

豚薄切りの野菜卷き- Rolled Pork with Vegetables

Made this last night for dinner. I have only recently found out that my supermarket sells thinly sliced pork belly which are perfect for making these rolls. I was so happy to see them that I bought them without knowing how much exactly they cost. That's why Hubby is the one who does the marketing. It if were left to me, I think we would be living in the streets now. These rolls are very easy to make. Cut the asparagus and carrots into match stick size and dump them into boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain. Pick up 2 asparagus sticks and 2 carrot sticks and roll them in a slice of pork. Place the rolled end down. When done with rolling, simply sprinkle some salt and pepper on top of the rolls. In a hot pan with little oil, place the rolled end side down and fry until the pork is cooked and slightly browned. Simple? You bet, but quite time consuming. I had to do these super fast as my little princess was hungery and bored. So while I was still frying up the last batch of the rolls, sh

Tokyo Guide Books

These were the two books which we relied on when we were in Tokyo and the Disneyland. Tokyo Encounter (Lonely Planet series) is quite a handy and informative book to have. Small enough for handbags and also it has a very concised map cum train guide. It also list all the must-dos in each area of Tokyo. If we had time to study the book in detail, I think we would have covered even more ground. I got this book from Times Bookshop . The Disneyland Navi Guide was purchased in Tokyo and hence in Japanese only. It cost Y1,500, but I think it is worth every cent of it. Cos it gives a good listing of shops, attractions, food carts, and also restaurants. Without it, I think we would be aimlessly walking around the place in circle and eating junk sold from those carts, not to mention expensive junk. Here's a sample of their junk food menu: * Mickey Mouse sandwich ice-cream Y250 (size no larger than your palm) * Popcorn in Chip & Dale container Y1,100 * Sausage (think: pasar malam Taiwan

五目飯 (ごもくめし) Gomoku Meshi

I have finally finished watching The Legend and I am super @_@ now. The show is a must watch, but I felt somewhat let down by the ending. Well, I shan't give away too much details in case some of you reading this might want to watch it. *Sigh* I love single eye lidded guys! There are no lacking in the show. Wondering if my hubby is too? Yes, of cos! Anyway, I am suffering from the usual withdrawal syndrome, but I managed to drag myself to the kitchen and make this one pot dinner. The dish is basically made up of 5 items, which are whatever that is in season. Here I used chicken thigh, dried shiitake mushrooms, deep fried beancurd puffs, dried scallops and carrots. The rice is then cooked dashi stock and when it is done, just stir the parsley in. Ultra easy. But unfortunately the taste of it didn't come close to what I have eaten in Japan, so I won't share the recipe yet until I fine tuned it. Please excuse me while I rant again: Ohh... I missed the Japanese bentos from Keio

Glued To My TV

On Friday, Hubby brought back a new set of DVDs: The Legend . From the screenshots, I thought that the lead actor looked kinda cool, but guess what? I couldn't even tell that he is the #1 Korean hotshot from Winta Sonata. Well, I didn't watch that so I guess I could be forgiven. (^_^) Now I am only on ep 11 out of 32, and I am already @_@. I think by the end of it, I would need to take a hiatus before going on to the next drama. I haven't been doing much cooking recently as I am shuttling between my mum's and mine, as my sis has been going on long haul these two weeks. But it is kind of relaxing for me also, cos now my mom cooks for me (read: yummy foods) and also helps keep my princess entertained. Ahh, bliss ... I could actually sit down and finish reading a magazine cover to cover. Woo hoo! Actually, I've read a few already. Oh yes, recently I have been researching on a Japanese cake known as kasutera (カステラ). It is a super sweet sponge cake usually given as gif

Alex's Wedding 15-Mar-2008

This post is specially for BigFoot. Our princess all ready to go. Alex and Serene taken from afar. Should have asked Teng to go infront and snap! Tony trying squeeze the life out of Winda. They are also the next couple to head down the asle. And there we met a classmate whom we have not seen for a long time, Ying-gui. A nice family snap of us. Somebody get me some pimple cream! Another of Joe and Jess. Look at them! Such lovebirds! Tony is such a nice couch, isn't he Winda? (Cos of his extra tire!) Speaking of extra tires, Tony isn't the only one. Look at these two. Their shirts look like they are going to suffer the fate of those worn by Incredible Hulk. A group snap of the guys. They were totally annoyed with me for not saying the usually: "Say Cheese. 1..., 2..., 3....!" Hmphmm.... Toast to the wedding couple from afar. And may Alex and Serene have a wonderful and blissful marriage!

I'm Hopeless

I'm feeling depressed. I'm feeling empty. I'm ..... suffering from Korean drama withdrawal syndrome! And I am blaming it all on my Hubby for bringing the DVDs back! I have just finished watching Fantasy Couple (aka Couple or Trouble) and I ended having a noodle addiction now. Watch it and you will know why. I love every episode of the serial. Don't bother me now. I'm going back to feeling depressed. I'm going back to feeling empty. Help! I need another fix! How classless of me! *snort*