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Breakfast Time Trial

I feel so happy to be back here blogging again!  Since my last post in August, things around me got hectic. School tests and then more school tests (yes, even though they did away with formal exams, they are still tested pretty much the same way before they did away with the exams!). My work picked up pace as well which saw me banging on my keyboard more often (and also more loudly!). But all is not lost ... not totally, at least. I had managed to keep a mini photo-log of my foodie life on my iPhone (thank goodness for phone camera). So please excuse those low quality photos as I am still on iPhone 3GS. Those posts will come up in a while. Anyway, today's post is about something I intend to be making for our little princess once she starts the morning session next year. And I came up with this idea. The traditional Japanese breakfast. We had rice with some sprinkles, stir-fried spinach, omelette, grilled salmon and miso soup with carrots and lotus roots. The m

Dim Sum - Peony Jade Restaurant @ Keppel Club

Last Saturday was my birthday.  I had initially put an exclamation mark after the word birthday , but I just couldn't muster up that much enthusiasm as I am grimly reminded that I am a year older. I have always joked with my friends that I stopped counting my age after I turned 21. Seriously, every time I had to fill up a form I need to perform some calculations before penning in my age. That's also a sign of aging, by the way. Anyway, my sister suggested that we visit our favourite dim sum place for lunch and I gladly agreed. I love this place. The food quality is great, the pricing is reasonable and most important of all - it is quiet. The last factor seem increasingly important to me these days. Perhaps it is some eccentricity that I am developing as I age.   Their lunch starts at 11am but we had agreed to meet my family there at 11.30 am instead. When we sat down, the wait staff promptly placed the dim sum menu on the table with little plates of candied cas

Sweet Potato Bread

Something happened to me the past 2-3 weeks. I found many sweet potatoes in my shopping trolley. I can't help it. The sweet potatoes in the crates were just begging to be bought, which I gladly obliged. Unfortunately, my stomach is not the size of the crates where I first saw them. Needless to say, I had plenty of leftover oven-baked sweet potatoes. What is one suppose to do when one has that many sweet potatoes sitting on prime fridge real estate? As much as I would like to make candied sweet potatoes, such as these , I do not think it wise (or safe) to have that much sugar within my reach. Did I mention to you that I have no self control? So I settled for sweet potato bread instead. I must admit that I didn't have very high hopes for my first try, as  my track record has shown, but the bread came out surprisingly good. Very tender crumb and slightly sweet. The colour was not as intense as I had imagine it to be with merely a tinge of yellow. Come to think of it, m

Classic Granola

I just remembered that I had actually taken a photo of the whole cast of ingredients for the Classic Granola. I am forgetful like that. I like to think that it is part of growing old and not person specific. As I have mentioned in my earlier post , this sweet granola found no favours with my patrons but that does not mean that the recipe was worthless. Friends who received these granola finished it within days. The main reason that I was able to pull out all the ingredients and lay them all nicely on the table was because everyone was still asleep (at 10am!) and I had the whole house to myself. Peaceful and nice morning. For the full recipe, please visit Dinner & Dessert . Although I have never taste store bought granola, I would say that this granola taste good. Except for the walnuts. I. Just. Don't. Like. Nuts! Will I be making this again? Definitely! Especially now that I am trying to incorporate more whole grains into our diet. But I would change th

Savoury Gruyere Cheese with Thyme Granola

The September term break is finally almost here. I can feel it already!  By feeling it, I meant that I am feeling the heat from all the preparation for the end of the term tests.  So far we are done with 3 of the 5 tests and we are still keeping the grind going for the last 2. I can't remember studying so hard ever in Primary 1! Perhaps cos I just didn't study at all. Honestly! Okay, enough of study-mama talk. Let's get down to today's post - granola. I have to admit that granola is not something that most people on these streets eat everyday. They don't even eat it every month or every half a year. I even willing to bet that some lived their lives never to have eaten it at all. I know, because I just fed some to my mother-in-law whose eyebrows shot right into her hair line when she heard about granola. Or should I have said that when she heard about my granola. The week before I made a batch of Classic Granola from Cook's Illustrate

Main Course Salads: Roast Pork Ribs Salad

I tagged along with my mom on her Sunday wet market shopping occasionally. Wet market is still my choice venue for getting fresh pork and seafood at a reasonable price. For other stuff, I would prefer to get them in the comfort of an air-conditioned supermarket. Last Sunday I went along with my mom to her usual hunting ground and picked up a whole rack of baby back ribs. After rubbing it with some Cajun Seasoning, I pushed it into the oven for 2 hours and ended up with deliciously tender ribs. Next time I must trying brining it to see if there is any difference. The leftover ribs were then shredded and I pile them on a box of Taylor Organics Baby Herb Salad (S$5.95) mix I picked up from NTUC Finest yesterday. I love the delicate vegetables in this mix. There are just some vegetables in the box which I have never seen before and would never have tasted if not for this mix. But one word of caution: as these vegetables are air-flown from USA, they would have been harvested at leas

Main Course Salads: Chinese Chicken Noodle Salad

Last year, I discovered the wonder of noodles in a salad when I made Soba Salad . I love it so much that we ate lots of it. If I didn't eventually ran out of soba in the house, I would still be eating it. Now Hubby keeps his stash of dried soba noodles in a secret place which he will take out to make supper for himself when princess and I have gone to dream land. This year, I thought that the Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad would be  the noodle salad of the year. Unfortunately, I didn't make it again after that post. Perhaps I wasn't overly fond of cleaning up the stove after grilling/pan-frying the pork. Don't get me wrong that the Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad is not worth  the trouble, in my books, good food is always worth the trouble. Just that on these hot summer days, I need more than enthusiasm to get me through the cooking whole process, including cleaning up. And then I made this. We roasted two chicken last weekend and still had leftovers. I can't

Open-faced Sandwiches

After making the Prawn and Orange Salad , I still have some salad mix left in the fridge. So this morning, I pulled out some of the mortadella (a type of Italian salami) from the fridge and slap it on the toasted slices of baguette, topped with the salad mix. And that's it - lunch is served. While munching on these crusty bites, I was sorely wishing that I had a big bowl of warm broth to slurp on. Next time.

Main Course Salads: Prawns and Orange Salad

Weather too hot. Killing me. Can't think. Can't cook. Grabbed a bag of salad mix from supermarket. Can't remember if it was the pre-washed kind, but I'm sure I washed it anyway. Tossed cooked prawns, orange segments and sliced red onions with citrus vinaigrette (from Martha Stewart) . Regretted adding red onions. Too pungent. Regretted not buying mouthwash the last supermarket trip. Citrus vinaigrette and prawns is a match made in heaven. Except I am living in hell right now. I just can't phantom how people are able to cook for a living or work in the construction sites in these sort of weather. I can't even think straight these days.

Pan Bagnat v.2

I didn't know that Hubby actually love that Pan Bagnat I made months ago until he asked for it again recently. In fact when I asked him how was the sandwich that evening, he told me his colleagues were all staring at him while he was eating the giant of a sandwich. So I thought that this sandwich would be best eaten at home, away from staring eyes. You know, something like eating crabs. Nobody's gonna think you weird even if you lick those spicy satay gravy running down your wrist. This time round I managed to snap a photo before wrapping the sandwich up. Of course, his colleague were staring at him again. But he said he doesn't care. On the other hand, I do care and I refused to bring it to work. Instead, I brought the dismantled version along. Which of course taste as great but allowed me to eat more daintily.

Beauty And The (Lazy) Beast ... Part 2

It has been six months since I had started my daily facial beauty routine and although I can't say that I look any different than six months back, I must concede that I don't have dry skin on my face any longer and also when I do have the occasional pimple it tends to heal faster. I have made a few tweaks (or slacks) to my beauty routine since. And I have also started to fiddle with some makeup which made the cleaning part even more important. So, here's my latest regime: Step 1: Remove makeup. This wipe is perfect for cleaning up on the go but I was told that it does not do a complete job as a makeup remover. Why cleaning up on the go? Well, I start my cleaning up on the way back home. I don't think I will give a dang even if my neighbours see me without makeup. In fact, I think they would be surprised to see me with makeup. I bought this makeup removal last weekend. The light cream dissolves my mascara almost instantaneously without having to leave the c

What Sort Of Dinner Is This?

This was our dinner a few nights ago. I don't really know why, but I find myself craving for this sort of dinners more often these days. I believe that's what happens when one gets old - you realise that time is running out and you just want to do the bizarre. This was my plate. Which was different from Hubby's. Which was different from our little princess's. I had orzo salad with feta cheese, olives and cherry tomatoes on some salad mix, blanched asparagus and rosti with tons of sour cream. Hubby had the same thing except that he had grilled steak on his. By the time I whipped out the phone camera, he had already wolfed down half of his plate. Our princess had grilled steak with rosti. Now, let's talk about this rosti. Grab a seat, if you are not sitting down. It is a long talk. Like many others here on the sunny island of Singapore, I was introduced to this wonderfully delicious dish called rosti when I visited Marche. Back then their rosti

Couscous For You, Not Me

This is what my little princess had for dinner. In case you can't really make it out, that's salmon and breaded zucchini on a bed of .... white rice. This girl is seriously Asian. She can't live without her rice. When I announced the dinner menu while driving back home, she calmly told me that she will not be eating any couscous. No matter how delicious it may be, she will have none of it. Then she gave me the 'either-give-me-my-rice-or-I-won't-eat-dinner' face. She got her rice. I don't think I can do much to change that palette of hers anytime soon. Anyway, this was how I had intended dinner to be. On a bed of herbed couscous. I don't quite fancy salmon and hence opted for the only smallest portion available. Cooking couscous is almost like cooking those cup noodles. Just bring water/stock to boil and then drop the couscous in. Off the fire and let it sit/soak. After 5 minutes, just take a fork to fluff it and, if you are really