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When Life Throws You A Tight Corner

The 2 options in my mind were either call our workshop to book a spray paint appointment, or ditch the car and call for Hubby (the better driver in our household) to pick it up later. Luckily, I didn’t have to choose. The car beside me (not shown in the photo) drove off just as I returned to assess the situation, which gave me more space to maneuver. So, when life throws you a tight corner in a carpark, wait until most of the cars have left before returning to your car. I’m putting that nugget of wisdom in my book How I Lived My Life .

Books, Exams and Gastric Flu

I have been burying my nose in books recently and skipping kitchen duties as often as I can. This is the latest haul from a recent Kinokuniya sale. As these books are not the usual walk-in-the-park books, I am taking more time to read and digest the contents. And yes, I like cartoons. Always have. Always will. I had some interesting finds from our National Library as well. I hope to share some of the books here later on when I have time to collect my thoughts. And no, I am not thinking of going on a diet. I love food too much. Right now, I have to tear my eyes from these books to focus on Primary 2 books cos it’s the school mid-year exam season. Then disaster struck. Our little princess came down with gastric flu just 2 days before the exam starts! Fortunately, she recovered enough to take the first paper today. We had initially asked her to skip the exams until she gets well, but she insisted that she is well enough to take the paper. Well, good for her. I will be back once the

Zucchini Orzo Bento

After can’t getting enough of the garlic pasta bento I had packed the day before, our princess requested for the same again the following day. So with the bento order in hand, I set about chopping up garlic at 5.45am. Nobody should be chopping garlic at that time. It is unheard of. It is preposterous. So I told myself that this is definitely going on my To-Prep list the night before. Live and learn. Just after I turned around to vacate the pot from burner, I heard glug, glug, glug. So I thought that Hubby must be helping me prep the pan to brown the garlic. When I finally turned around after washing up the pot, the olive oil was not in the pan as I had imagined. It was all over the hot steamy orzo! That’s what you get when you have a prep cook who was only 10% awake. Needless to say, garlic pasta was not on the menu that day. Instead, I stir fried some zucchini with some leftover shredded roast chicken to toss with the oiled orzo. Orzo, or rice shape pasta, is a favourite with our

Garlic Pasta Bento

The other day I was digging around a cupboard looking for some cables for my I-can’t-remember-what-gadget and I found a pasta cookbook which I had bought another lifetime ago. Okay, fine … I exaggerate. But everything that I had done pre-baby does feel that way to me. I wonder how mothers with more than one kid feel when recalling things/events pre-babies? So as I was saying, this pasta book just fell out of the cupboard and I had to flip through it, even though I had done that many times without ever cooking anything from the book. The photos are just great to look at! Hungry yet? Then I saw this simple recipe. So I chucked the cookbook back to the cupboard and went straight to the kitchen. And chopped garlic. And boiled pasta. And the result was a mountain of pasta drizzled with lots of garlic-perfumed olive oil. And I took a bite. And I felt I was in heaven. And the alarm rang at 5.30 a.m. And I crashed back to earth. And I packed this for our princess in her bento box. P