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The Rotisserie - Chicken and Gourmet Salads

  A quick dinner at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3.   The idea of holding your name out for something so simple can be a dangerous one. I mean, if you call yourself a patisserie, people will come expecting macaroons, meringues and other French-y sweet stuff to taste reasonably good or better than shops that didn't call themselves as such.   I think such was my case when I popped into the shop. I had some expectations that their roast chicken would be somewhat of their signature dish with some bones to show for it. Unfortunately, it was only so-so. If you are someone looking for plain and simple roast chicken as compared to those of us who enjoy it with a touch of herbs, then this is right up your alley. The chicken was no doubt tender and juicy but it was also red and bloody close to the bones which suggested that it was a frozen chicken rushed to the rotisserie before it was fully thawed. One of these days I will have to figure the science behind this. To me the

Mini Pancakes

Since the start of the school year, Hubby has been the breakfast cook. I had already told him way before our princess started primary school that I won’t be able to drag myself out of the bed at such unearthly hour. So the man took it upon himself to make the sleepy heads morning food every school day. So I told myself that IF I ever wake up early, I would be the breakfast cook. This morning I was given the chance. I managed to crank open my eyes and start crawling out of my bed. While sluggishly moving across my bedroom floor, I thought it would be nice to have pancakes with lots of maple syrup on it. So that’s what came out of my kitchen this morning. It took me less than 20 minutes to assemble the batter and wash up. Then I just tuck the batter into the fridge while I wait for the sleepy heads to wake up. The recipe for this pancake from Cook’s Illustrated. Head over to Cook Like a Champion and take a look at her Blueberry Pancakes . But here’s a little secret that your won

Paul From London

    A chicken sandwich specially brought in by my mum when she returned after a week's holiday in London. She ate at the more authentic Paul while in Paris at the beginning of her trip. How I wish I was there with her!   Does the chicken sandwich taste any different from what they serve here? I will have to try the shop at Taka to know. But on its own, it was certainly delicious (despite the 12-13 hours flight back) enough for our dinner.   

Favourite Korean Restaurant

    Just look at the numerous side dishes they serve! And the best part is when we asked for refills they always gladly obliged!  We love to this Korean restaurant to bits!   Their Beef Rib Soup is a nourishing and satisfying number we would always order.   Ju Shin Jung Korean Restaurant 451 Joo Chiat Road #01-01/02 Katong Junction 1F (next to Joo Chiat C.C.)

Potato, Bacon and Mushroom Soup

    Potato soup is always a favourite in my house. Something about spooning lumps of starchy potatoes and slurping it with a little piping hot soup just make my insides feel right again.       I made this soup with mushrooms as an incentive to get our little princess to eat the soup as well. I am trying to get into the rhythm of my new routine as we are still tweaking along the way. Morning school does take a bit of getting used to.