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White Fungus Dessert

I don't remember ever posting something about chinese dessert. And I don't remember I have ever made one before. Hmm ... Well, it is never too late. Here's a simple one which would be pushing my culinary limits on chinese desserts. When chilled, it is good for quenching thirst on hot sweltering days. I don't have a recipe as I was going by sight. This is just so like me. Trying something new WITHOUT a recipe??!! Ingredients include white fungus (soaked to soften), brown rock sugar, a few pandan leaves (tie into a bunch), wolfberries and red dates. In theory, this dessert is best when made over a double boiler. But since I don't have one, I merely used my Shuttle Chef which turns out well enough for my taste.

Bento Dinner

I don't know how, but a bento bug got into my head last night and won't go away until I made some bentos. No cutesy looking bento boxes, as I was packing adult dinners. First up, Hubby's bento box: ~ Boiled lady's fingers (okra) ~ Minced pork with long beans ~ Chilled chili cucumbers ~ Red peppers and onion omlettes (hidden) ~ Sweet potato slices Here's my bento box, which is essentially the same thing sans cucumbers: The nice thing about bento boxes is that you can practice portion control. No doubt Hubby would make a face on hearing that. Of cos, there is always the added element of surprise when you dig into your box to find something else which was not immediately visible upon opening the box.


When my mom asked me what were we to do with fresh scallops and prawns, I was surprised to hear myself say: "Pizza". Maybe subconciously I was trying to out-do that corner shop at Robertson Walk which put up a signage that says "The Best Pizza In Town". I firmly believe that The Best [fill-in-the-blank] can only be made at home, but there are some rare exceptions. So where are my pizzas? They were gone in a jiffy. Not because they were really tasty, but more because the crowd was really famished. Wolfing down each pie before it had a chance to even cool down! My hands were either covered with olive oil/flour or still in oven mittens most of the time during the feeding frenzy. Except for my mishappen pizzas, everyone was happy with the crust and had a fun time "decorating" their pizzas. The dough was fairly straight forward and can be found online here . If you like thin crust pizza, this dough recipe is perfect. Light, crunchy and airy and able to stan

American Sandwich Bread

What's a sandwich bread actually? Obviously it is for making sandwiches, but what is it in this loaf that makes it specially suited for making sandwiches? Maybe it is the sturdy nature of the crumb. Maybe it is the light flavour of the bread which compliment the sandwich filling of choice. I'm not too sure myself. But sturdy and lightly flavour it is. It is not your regular fluffy cottony loaf which are on the supermarket racks. This loaf can stand up to serious buttering or generous jam slathering. Due to the cool weather we are having here, the proofing took slightly longer than usual. Apart from that, this recipe is easy enough to put together in 10 mins. And from then on, it is just pure muscle power. Of cos, it would help if you have a mixer to do that. This recipe comes from America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook and the online version can be found here .

Muffins or Curry Puffs?

One debate came up the day when I brought out these muffins after a meal with my in-laws. They were kind enough to compliment that my muffins were good enough to be sold in a store, but Hubby shot it down immediately. (-.-') Anyway, here's what transpired that day. Mother-in-law (MIL): "Your muffins look and taste just like those store bought. Did you attend some cooking lessons or self-taught?" Me: "Self-taught from books." Hubby: "Haven't you noticed the shelves of books she has? They probably cost me thousands of dollars already." MIL: "Maybe you should sell your muffins." Hubby: "Forget about it. How long does it take to generate $100 in sales? Might as well sell Old Chang Kee . Their queues at the outlets are never-ending." Little princess: "I LOVE Old Chang Kee!!" Me: "Yeah, a person would be able to patronise an Old Chang Kee twice or thrice a week, but would only eat muffin every other we

Fast Dinner

Grill foods is what I would turn to when I am: (a) not a the mood to cook (i.e. Hubby cooks); and/or (b) in a rush to fix dinner. Last night we had Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Dijon mustard and Honey wet rub. Recipe from America Test Kitchen Family Cookbook , but I just can't find any online version of it. Haven't been into the kitchen much this week as I am busy hitting the books. But I hope to remedy that next week. Eating outside food is making all of us sick. Poor thing (princess and Hubby)!

Rosemary Focaccia with Olives

The last time I blogged about bread making was Feb-08 . What??!! It's been almost a year? It is a wonder that my yeast are still alive! This bread is quite easy to make despite my rusty bread-making skills. My little princess pitched in as well and she is really becoming quite a helper. Yes, having kids involved in cooking/baking is always a messy business, but quite worth the fun. I had decided to make small buns instead of baking them as the standard flat focaccia so that we could roll the dough around a bit more. The bread is really wonderful when it comes out of the oven! Soft fluffy interior with crispy crust. You can find the recipe from Bon Appetit .

What's On Your Favorites (Part 2)

Wait ... Did I tell you that I have another stash of links in Favorites from my other laptop. Yup, and it is a really loooong list. But for the purpose of this post, I will stick to only food-related links. So let's get started already ... AirlineMeals (lots of photos of meals served onboard) AllRecipes (during my early days of cooking, this was the main source of recipes) Angie's Recipes (big and delicious photos; I love her baked goods photos) Good Taste Australian (magazine's website) BBC Food (dining section of BBC website) BBC Converter (cooking converter from BBC website) Betty Crocker (magazine's website) BHG (magazine's website) CDKitchen (recipe database) (great resource to get to know cheese) Conversion Calculator (another cooking converter) Cookpad (Japanese version of AllRecipes) (recipe database) CooksRecipes (recipe database) Cuisine (NZ food magazine's website) Epicurious (food website for Con

Food Forecast For 2010

This is my fourth edition of Food Forecast for this blog and I must admit that I am not quite the resolute person as I would like to think of myself. My miss rate seems much higher this time round. (-.-') A quick review of 2009 Food Forecast will tell it all. (1) Make more bentos. I am happy to say that I did make more lunchboxes, but they are just not bentos. Neither nicely partioned nor are they attractive. So I shan't call them bentos. Now the question seems to be if I would be able to turn them into bentos. (2) Make bread weekly. Oh gosh, I feel almost embarrass to even be reminded of this three word cos I completely fell short. (3) Explore more recipes with rice cooker. Another don't-remind-me forecast. (4) Don't miss an article from Mark Bittman. I'm glad I didn't miss one. If I had I won't have made my chocolate fondue so many times in Dec. Sorry, I didn't blog on it cos fondue is messy business ya know. And I, being a utilitarian