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Princess Bento #9

This is the low carb version of what we gave princess for lunch. We find that cutting out the carb for her mid-day meal in fact allow her to be able to focus for longer periods of time, especially sitting in a non air-conditioned classroom at 2.30pm in this horrid weather.

Excuse Me, Are You A Thumb Drive?

Having just upgraded to Windows 10 (yes, I know, I am a latecomer to the party), my default start page for Window Edge always comes with news feed about a third way down from the top of the screen. It didn't matter that I clicked Hide Feed numerous times. Irritating!* The good thing about news feed is that I learnt this morning that Chow Yun Fatt got a nip and tuck. But come on, do I really need to know that? However, I stopped my futile silent ranting in my mind when I saw another headline: " Mum admits abusing 4-year-old who later died" I was dumbfounded when the article reported that the trigger for such violence from his own mother was supposedly because the little boy was unable to recite 11 to 18 in Malay. What is reciting 11 to 18 in Malay supposed to accomplish that the inability to do so warrants such a violent response? From the report that this mother was unemployed and possibly in financial difficulties, I guess this is an extreme example

The Day of Reckoning

It is finally here. The day that I have been dreading for so long but yet knew deep down in my bones that it will come regardless. Self-fulfilling prophecy? Perhaps. Princess returned yesterday from school to report her score for Higher Chinese written paper she took at the end of last term. Apparently, the test results proved it was a massacre. Three quarters of her classmates flung. Princess barely scraped through with 55%. I laughed. And then I winced. It is finally here, isn't it? Her next-table neighbour, who failed in the test, commented grudgingly that perhaps he had made a mistake of opting to take Higher Chinese this year. Was it a mistake then for our princess as well? I think not. There is much more to do and try, for both princess and me, before we throw in the towel and call it a day. Payback time for me? Definitely. Argh ...

Dessert for Dinner

Today is the first day of the Term Test.  Amazingly, this time round I was not pushing our princess that hard to revise, despite practically no help from school in the prep. I guess some of the work we had done during the December holidays did help but I am doubtful how far that "reserve" will last. So as a cheer-me-up after tuition last night, I thought instead of dinner, we proceeded straight to dessert at The Coffee Daily  in Serangoon area. Molten Lava Cake with scoop of Vanilla ice-cream This is a must-try! My mom ordered this and we were all digging into it before the ice-cream had a chance to melt. Rich chocolate taste without the overwhelming sweetness. Hot Rich Chocolate This was a total flop despite its artsy presentation. Waste of calories. Homemade Waffles with Double Choc ice-cream This was the reason why we were there in the first place. Princess's ever lasting quest to find the perfect waffles with ice-cream could very well end w