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Two Ways with Oats

Some times my hands just twitching to do some stirring and mixing. Other times they itched to get some writing done. Most times they just like to hold a book. Last night, it was stirring and mixing. And so, I pulled out the one of the easiest trick with minimal cleaning - granola. Since not everyone appreciates savoury granola, I thought it safe to stick with the crowd and made a batch of Cherry, cranberry and pistachio granola clusters. The recipe can be found at The Kitchn . I had simply used whatever nuts and dried fruits I could forage from my pantry. I was measuring out the oats needed for the recipe while we were prepping dinner. Just then, I looked at the oats in my hands and thought of this. Oats porridge with leftover roast chicken and scallions. This cooked faster than the regular rice porridge and it is definitely higher in fibre. Fast comfort food on a lazy Sunday evening.

Princess Bento #8

This is the kind of childhood food that our princess remembers: breaded stuff with broccoli. No matter how many times a week she eats this, she will happily polish off every last morsel. This kid loves her food too much! These were actually leftovers from our recent meal at Tonkichi, her favourite Japanese restaurant in the world.

The New Primary School Chinese Composition (Part 2)

Here are some of examples of Chinese Compositions which I stumbled upon. They are taken from, what appears to be, a blog of a tuition centre. I suspect that this is probably a patchwork Chinese Composition. Just take a look at all four of these compositions and you will noticed immediately that all 4 of them finished off nicely with a 俗语 (common sayings). Cookies from cookie cutters. These sort of compositions always feature flat and predictable story lines. Let's not talk about those fake expressions of the characters in the stories. Obviously, some people don't share my view and these compositions are up there and labelled "Model Compositions". Reading these so-called Model Compositions reminded me the exact feelings I had when I watched Masters of the Sea donkey years ago. Which, for some unknown reasons, made me feel like crushing cockroaches then and now.

The New Primary School Chinese Composition (Part 1)

This morning while catching up on all the news over the long weekend, this article ( 2-point concession to Higher Mother Tongue students unfair ) caught my eye. I must admit that I have not read a single volume from our late Minister Mentor and so I was quite taken a back, not to mention disheartened, to see him being quoted on the topic about mastering languages. Is there really no way out for those of us who are just not proficient with the language? Let's take a quick look at what is meant by the term "proficient with a language". In the US, the State Department came up with a measuring scale. Level 1 - Elementary - Can fulfil the basic needs in a language, such as ordering meals, asking time and asking for directions. Level 2 - Limited Working Proficiency - Can fulfil routine social demands, such as small talk about one's self, one's family and current events. Level 3 - Professional Working Proficiency - Can discuss a variety of topics with ease and

Princess Bento #7

With the CNY festivities behind us, we are back to the school regime again. Today's menu: Pan-fried cod fish, grilled zucchini and sautéed shimeji mushrooms for recess break. We will be digging deep into our fridge for the next few days to clear up all the wonderful leftovers from many reunion meals with families.

Things That Will Not Work Together

I thought I was not able to pull out a batch of these this year with Princess contracting the flu bug and was running 39 degC fever for 3 straight days and nights. Sick kids and baking just doesn't work. So once her fever broke, I had only managed to make enough to give away with nothing left for ourselves. Convalescing and pineapple tarts doesn't work either. I like to flip through my Instagram while walking on the treadmill. Just keep the speed to a crawl and you will won't kill yourself. I looked with admiration at Instagram of those who put out trays of neatly lined and delicious looking homemade baked goods. New year goodies and workout tights will never work. Finally, the long weekend is upon us but I will most probably be spending it doing last minute cleaning of the house in the unlikely event that people do drop by our place. Guests and dirty house never work. Happy Chinese New Year!