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Homemade Restaurant-Style Dinner

This is what I would call a homemade restaurant-style dinner. This is the kind of dinners that I would like to eat in restaurants. Natural and wholesome food. But to eat like this in restaurants these days, it would usually cost us north of S$120 (inclusive of tax and service charge) just for 3 persons for main courses. I can't imagine what the bill would be like if we had ordered drinks, starters and desserts to complete the meal. I mean who can blame those restaurants, even honest and decent ones, with prices of food going up each time I checked the price tags in supermarkets. Did you know that now a pack of fresh red chillis (about 10 per pack) cost S$2.40 when it used to cost only S$0.80 just less than a year or two ago. And that is how many times more? Well, my best guess is that this plate probably cost S$8 - S$10. But of course, this figure doesn't take into account the labour cost that went into marketing, prep work and wash up. If you add all these up, perh

Feeling Lazy

When I switched on the radio this morning on my way to office, I heard Bruno Mars went " Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed ." I look at the nice cooling weather outside and thought to myself: "Yeah, you took the words right out of my mouth." In fact, that was how I was what I was doing the whole of the week-long March schoool holiday. Just because I had wanted a break from the hectic rush-wait-rush school week routine. So during the week, I had only did one major cooking task - making a batch of fresh pasta for ravioli. As my sous chef is not competent in the area of pasta making (or in cooking generally), I had to get my hands in the flour and not on the camera. It was certainly fun working with fresh pasta dough and eating it is much like eating homemade bread - it just taste better. Hopefully, I can make another batch of the pasta to share some photos here. If you have not heard The Lazy Song, check out this ultra fun

But I Still Love Plants

When I was young, I dread this question: What would you like to be when you grow up". Why must English teachers always choose these sort of questions for essay writings? Come on, as kids, are we supposed to have it all sorted out already? I seriously cannot remember what I have written for all these assignments, but I am sure it was the run-of-the-mill essays I've learnt to churn out over time (read: copy from a few friends). The first time when I felt a serious inclination toward any career when I was in Primary 1 was soundly put down by my mom, and for good reason actually. I told her that I want to be a teacher. To which she asked me to think about how much blood I will vomit if I had am to teach a child as ... erm ... handful as myself, and then multiply that by 40 (back then that's the standard class size). I felt a shiver up my spine and put out that idea for good. Years later, I thought perhaps I am onto something interesting. That maybe I should consider

Main Course Salads: Roasted Vegetables Pasta Salad

I woke up to a cool morning with an overcast sky. My perfect type of mornings. My mom told me that I would be very happy in London. I haven't been there myself (read: I am ultra envious of my mom who went London with my sister!), so I can't agree nor disagree. So with such nice cooling weather, I thought it doesn't hurt a bit to crank up the oven. Immediately, roasted vegetables came to my mind. Actually, it came to my feet.  You see, a pair of red bell peppers rolled out from my long-suffering, over-flowing fridge and onto my feet when I opened the fridge door. So since it is not such a good idea to put bruised bell peppers back for future use, I decided on a whim to do something akin to Grilled Ratatouille Salad . So into the mixing bowl went the bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, red onions and garlic. I added a liberal amount of salt, black pepper and olive oil before giving them a good toss. Spread them out on a tray (do not over-crowd or


The cheeky bear had a haircut by my sister last night. My sister had been cutting her hair ever since she was 8 months' old. Come to think of it, I have saved tons of money from her service. But then again, I just lost most it back to her in our last mahjong session! Darn. Now with her two front teeth almost fully out, she is able to smile more confidently in front of a camera.