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Bento #9

::: Today's bento menu ::: Stir fried sweet peas with shredded carrots Mushroom omelettes Asparagus rolled in chicken (not visible from picture) Rice balls semi wrapped with nori Ok, seems like I have fulfilled my colour challenge for today's bento. However, I think my packing skills is seriously lacking somewhat. That's another area to work on next. There's always another bento... Here's my Little Brown Bear bento strap. I bought all the bento accessories from Daiso here in Singapore. Bento strap, chopstick cover, chopsticks and bento box. I wonder if there are bento-ing communities here in Singapore, other than, of course, the Japanese expats here.

Colours In A Bento Box

After my previous post about how to make a visually exciting bento, I have tried to adhere to the principle of 5 colours as much as I could. However, after merely eight bentos, I was reminded of the difference between theory and practice. So I thought maybe I would think aloud a few ideas on how to incorporate the colours in one bento. Yes, if you find yourself with two seperate containers, that's cheating! Two tier bento boxes excluded. First off, black and white . This shouldn't be that difficult since rice, which is the popular form of carbo for bentos, is white. Sprinkle a few black sesame seeds on a bed of white fluffy rice or mold and wrapped with nori sheets, and you have it! Rocket science? Nope, but here comes the question: "Rice everyday?" Alright for those who choose other forms of carbo, here's another tip: I remember reading somewhere that purple or brown could stand in for black once in a while. So there you go, another two more colours to pla

Bento #8

::: Today's bento menu ::: Steamed threadfin with ginger, garlic and chilies Grilled chicken thighs Soy sauce braised chicken Long bean omelette Fried rice An emergency bento. Nope, we are all healthy and kicking, but I can't say the same for our fridge. It wasn't left out in the cold (door ajar), so everything in it came to room temperature. Yikes! On a brighter note, my sister just shipped in and she brought a tidal wave of bento packing stuffs for me direct from the Land of the Rising Sun! Yeah! Haven't got around to washing them up yet, so please bear with me here. Also, for this week, Isetan Scotts is featuring bento food promotion. Unfortunately, an ultra cute Hello Kitty bento box is going for S$17! Hmphmmm...

Taiwan Food Gallery Mar07

Sweet potatoes enroute to 杨明山。For satisfaction of hunger pangs.... Taiwanese love to eat this during winter..姜母鸭...old ginger duck Smelly beancurd!!! Taste good, esp when u r climbling up 杨明山 Not too sure what is the chinese name, but it is made up of glutinous rice and "pig's blood"??? taste ok, but a slimmy kinda feeling when u bite into it.... Had this minced pork rice 鲁肉饭 at 度小月restaurant...located at 忠孝复兴mrt station exit 3. This restaurant was featured in travel books.. Beancurd, with the taiwanese favorite 粉园。 The making of smelly beancurd.... Came across a funny dish called sesame hotdog?? <-- fruits stall....look at that bitter gourd....recommendation: bitter gourd with honey!!!

Wrappin' It Up

In my last trip to Hong Kong, I revisited this cafe called MIX at One International Finance Centre. I'm absolutely crazy about their Wrapps! So I rant and raved about it to Cath, and begging to to bring me a Wrapp when she comes back from Hong Kong in her next trip. Then to my ever-lasting embarrassment, she pointed me to some of the outlets HERE in Singapore! Oops! I have tried their Tandoori Chicken Wrapp and their Tuna Nicoise Wrapp, and both were fantastic. The Tandoori Chicken Wrapp had morsels of tender juicy chicken chunks marinated to just the right spiciness. The Tuna Nicoise Wrapp, though made with canned tuna, came with chopped hard boiled eggs and a tangy dressing. Wrapps were loaded with fresh salad greens before the choice of filing were piled onto it. So when I got home, I decided to recreate these wraps. When I searched around for a tortilla recipe, I realised that it is just too much work to make from scratch and also I would need a reasonable big sheet to do

Bento #8

::: Today's bento menu ::: Stir fried asparagus and carrots with beef Meatballs Grilled chicken thigh Rice with umeboshi (pickled Japanese apricots) Another bento packed on the fly without much proper planning. Seems abit loop-sided with too little veggies on it. The grilled chicken thigh and the meatballs were leftovers from previous meals and I am becoming a believer in stocking cooked food for packing bento. My past bentos have all been prepared from scratch each morning and it takes forever! I guess veggies would still require some work (to prevent discolouring and lost of vitamins), but the rest of the stuff that goes in should be alright if I pre-cook them, right? Time to search for more inspirations ...

Bento #7

::: Today's bento menu ::: Pan-fried squid patties Cucumber and wakame salad Soy sauce simmer spinach with bonito flakes Rice balls I am beginning to think that packing bento boxes is about economies of scale cos if I'm cooking, might as well cook a little more and share with someone else too! While packing these four of the lunches at one go, Hubby commented: "You look like you are running some sort of catering service." Compliment or criticism? I'm still trying to figure that out. My total prep time is still far from ideal, so I have to work on that. Trying to pack the boxes creatively on the fly is hard for me, as I am not a creative person to begin with. Is it possible for me to work on being creative? Hmm... I think the best part of packing bentos for others is the gift of seeing the raised eyebrows when they opened up to see a bento that has been packed lovingly. The time and effort is worth it. I was running a little short on ingredients this time round so

Chicken and Vegetable Miso Soup

This is another dish from The Japanese Kitchen. This is the first time I tried cooking with burdock, or gobo in Japanese. Pcitured here as the greyish oval shaped vegetable on the surface of my soup. I got this from Cold Storage's Japanese section for $3.90/stick (and it is a really, really long stick!). I think this root vegetable is an acquired taste. It had a rough texture and a somewhat earthy taste to it. Imagine biting on a piece of ginseng root. Kept overnight, the taste is slightly less detectable. A hearty soup to warm the tummy on a rainy night with lots of vegetables.

Dainty Bites Welcomes Cath

I would like to welcome Cath to our little blog, who would share with us a little of the delectable bites she had while outside Singapore. Dainty Bites has so far been a country bumkin' and hopefully through Cath we would get to see the world a bit more!