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Main Course Salads: Chinese Chicken Noodle Salad

Last year, I discovered the wonder of noodles in a salad when I made Soba Salad . I love it so much that we ate lots of it. If I didn't eventually ran out of soba in the house, I would still be eating it. Now Hubby keeps his stash of dried soba noodles in a secret place which he will take out to make supper for himself when princess and I have gone to dream land. This year, I thought that the Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad would be  the noodle salad of the year. Unfortunately, I didn't make it again after that post. Perhaps I wasn't overly fond of cleaning up the stove after grilling/pan-frying the pork. Don't get me wrong that the Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad is not worth  the trouble, in my books, good food is always worth the trouble. Just that on these hot summer days, I need more than enthusiasm to get me through the cooking whole process, including cleaning up. And then I made this. We roasted two chicken last weekend and still had leftovers. I can't

Open-faced Sandwiches

After making the Prawn and Orange Salad , I still have some salad mix left in the fridge. So this morning, I pulled out some of the mortadella (a type of Italian salami) from the fridge and slap it on the toasted slices of baguette, topped with the salad mix. And that's it - lunch is served. While munching on these crusty bites, I was sorely wishing that I had a big bowl of warm broth to slurp on. Next time.

Main Course Salads: Prawns and Orange Salad

Weather too hot. Killing me. Can't think. Can't cook. Grabbed a bag of salad mix from supermarket. Can't remember if it was the pre-washed kind, but I'm sure I washed it anyway. Tossed cooked prawns, orange segments and sliced red onions with citrus vinaigrette (from Martha Stewart) . Regretted adding red onions. Too pungent. Regretted not buying mouthwash the last supermarket trip. Citrus vinaigrette and prawns is a match made in heaven. Except I am living in hell right now. I just can't phantom how people are able to cook for a living or work in the construction sites in these sort of weather. I can't even think straight these days.

Pan Bagnat v.2

I didn't know that Hubby actually love that Pan Bagnat I made months ago until he asked for it again recently. In fact when I asked him how was the sandwich that evening, he told me his colleagues were all staring at him while he was eating the giant of a sandwich. So I thought that this sandwich would be best eaten at home, away from staring eyes. You know, something like eating crabs. Nobody's gonna think you weird even if you lick those spicy satay gravy running down your wrist. This time round I managed to snap a photo before wrapping the sandwich up. Of course, his colleague were staring at him again. But he said he doesn't care. On the other hand, I do care and I refused to bring it to work. Instead, I brought the dismantled version along. Which of course taste as great but allowed me to eat more daintily.