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School Holidays Don’t Go Away, Please

I love school holidays so much. Much more than my school going daughter I suspect. No waking up to the buzz on my Fitbit. No dragging my tired body to the sink. No desperate need to pump myself up with a strong morning drink. No hectic schedules to deal with. No grumpy child to handle. I love school holidays!! But then, nothing lasts forever. In exactly 16 days time, we will be crashing back to reality. Sigh … Princess has been working on her school work consistently since the beginning of the school holidays, albeit at a much reduced pace. Yes, even though school is out, we are still trying to keep the engine warm by going through more challenging areas of each subject. Gone is the era when a kid could have the whole  six weeks of holidays without ever touching a textbook. And woe to that. I am going to enjoy these last few days of holidays while I can.

My Weighing Machine IS Faulty

Last Sunday morning, I was in a jovial mood when I stepped on the machine but by the time I got off it, say 15 seconds later, I was quite the opposite. That darn machine is broken! It has to be! If not, why on earth would I be two kilos heavier than I was 18 years ago? I doubt it was the 5 (or was it 7?) scrumptious buffet lunches/dinners I had in the past three weeks. I seriously doubt it was the cheesecakes and chocolate cakes which I bought whole instead of in slices. Neither would I think it was my experiments with granolas, scones, compound butters and pineapple tarts have anything whatsoever to do with it. I don’t! It is just that my weighing machine IS faulty. Period. But I like to hedge my bets a little. Just a little, you know what I mean? So I went grocery shopping with a very different list and ended up with for dinner. Roasted chicken with orange and avocado salad. Throw in chopped cucumbers and cilantro. Drizzle my go-to salad dressing . Stir through and chomp away

It’s Year End Already?

With the close of the school year, I thought it best to pen down a few thoughts clogged in my mind before magnitude of other things take over and unclog it. It happens more frequently these days than I would have liked. It seems difficult for me to consciously hold on to any finished thought longer than 10 seconds. I blame Internet and its many inherent distractions for this condition. And Korean dramas. And FarmVille 2: Country Escape. And Apple TV. Just a week before the school closed, we received word from princess’s school that she was not selected for the GEP programme. Although outwardly she did not seem bothered by it, inwardly I know she cared a lot more than she was willing to let on. We had tried to buffer the disappointment right from the day she went for the second round of GEP Selection Test. But there was still no soft landing to be had. She had lofty, and somewhat unrealistic, expectations of herself on this. She will need some time to lick this wound. This chapter had

Wall Motif

While ploughing through the test questions, my little princess wrote this at the bottom of the page and announced that she wants these words painted on her bedroom wall so that it will be the first thing that she sees each morning. I am glad that she has found her internal compass in life. It is truly a reminder of what living means.

A Time For Everything

When my princess was still little, I would always tell her that there is always a time for everything. Time for nap, time for play, time for meals, time for whatever-you-do-growing-up. Now that she is all of nine years, she still needs to be reminded of this from time to time but less than previously. Looking at her growing up, I wonder if there is a better way to bring her up and if I am making a muck of things with her life. Pondering over such questions gives me gastric attacks and makes me sigh deeply. There are so many things that I can think of right this moment when I could have been a better parent to her and how I have failed her in many ways when the push came to shove. But as only a daughter can, she sees no wrong in all I have done. Knowing this makes the burden heavier to bear. And as only a mother can, no burden of hers is too heavy to bear. Just as I told her there is time for everything, the time has come for me as well. Now it is my time to step up to the plate

Cheese and Bacon Scones v.2

The last time I attempted this savoury bite was back in 2006. My photo was horrible and the narrative was … equally inadequate. I’m confident, or more like assuring myself, that with 8 years of cooking and photo-taking experience under my belt, I ought to be able to show you something more interesting than that. Back in 2006, I was still pretty much entrenched in the sweet-tooth camp whereas Hubby was, and still is, from the savoury camp. But somehow, for some unknown reasons, things began changing for me over the years. I am fussy about cakes, choosy with chocolates, ambivalent about tarts and other sweet desserts. On the whole, I had cut down on a lot of sugary stuff from my diet and when I do take them, they are definitely those worthy of the calories they come with. Scones are just about my favourite thing in the whole. They are almost effortless to make, highly accommodating to all your whim and fancy and they bake real fast. Best of all, they can’t go too wrong with scones eve

Sunday Brunch

  Crustless mushroom quiche with garlic chips and a salad. Need a tall glass of orange juice. Can we have Sunday again tomorrow?

Creeping Back With Crepes

Since my last post here, I worry everyday that I might just have lost my zeal and zest for posting here ever again. If that happens, I would have felt that I am losing something that I doing. Or whatever that I am doing here. With the mid-year exams behind me (more precisely, my daughter), we found ourselves with lots of time on our hands during the weekends. The first weekend since the exams was spent in slumber as we recover both physically and mentally. At least for me. And then the second weekend, we were just staring at each other. Blink. Blink. Blink. Crepes is one of our princess’s favourite snack. Every time when I do grocery shopping at Meidiya she would be walking around the supermarket with one of these in her hands. At $4.60 to $5.60 a pop, I am amazed that I still have spare change for the groceries. I made a basic crepe recipe as well as the pastry cream from Joy of Cooking ( ‘97 Ed.) which I am very happy with both of them. The crepe did turn out to be soft and p

Where Am I?

Of late, I find that I have been asking myself this very question. To which, frankly, I have still not found the answer nor do I have much hope that I ever will. At least not with my current level of thinking. I feel that I have been swallowed by the dark abyss called “The Primary School Education” some time beginning of this year. Into which I am still in there, groping my way around. Looking backward, I find that I have not come far from where I started. Looking forward, I find that I cannot see beyond my toes. With this state of mental paralysis, I feel compelled to look inward. There are times when I feel like I am akin to an ancient astrologer staring tirelessly at the stars in hopes of charting the great unknown. Alas, as to be expected, I have not the semblance in mental prowess for it. So for now, I trudge along. Until the day I have that ‘Aha’ moment. Hopefully, it won’t take too long.

A Budding Photographer

Here are some shots taken by my little princess which I found more inspiring to blog about than my own. My favourite time of the day.   Her favourite place.   A well used tennis court from the next door.   And, last but not least, our budding photographer’s selfie. Okay, I want my camera back.