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Cream Scones

I think I might as well rename this blog Simply Scone since they appear ever so often here. I know you have read it before but I feel I need to say this again - I love scones. There ... I feel better already. Okay, let's get down to this curious thingy that I have here. One look at it sitting in the multi-coloured spotted paper muffin cups, declare itself anything except scone. But it is a scone, my friend. Don't let the looks deceive you. So how did the scones ended up in the paper cups? Well, I had initially wanted to freeze the whole batch of scones. The decision to freeze it made it necessary for me to portion out the scones rather than to do the usual method of patting it into a circle and scoring it into wedges. I did that for the cranberry scones for our brunch previously. As the dough/batter was quickly sticky, I didn't fancy rolling it out on a flour board and then wash the board, roller, cutter AND mixing bowl when I could get away with washing just a spoon A

Never Judge A Book By Its ... Title?

I don't know about you, but I am the sort of person who hates spending time searching for things that go missing. But have said that, anyone who knows me will know also that I am quite a disorganised person. That's quite oxymoronic, isn't it? That brings me to this recipe of Baked Chicken with Fennels, Tomatoes and Olives, which I had earlier made it to a raving success . I thought it would be nice to have the dish again. Then disaster struck. I lost the recipe. Lost as in the recipe just vanished without a trail. And the stupid me had totally and conveniently left out where is the source of the recipe in the earlier post. Just great. I spent hours flipping through my cookbooks and searching the internet to come up with nothing. So I stuck those chicken breasts back into the fridge and mope around until dinner time came around. Then I flipped More Best Recipes hoping to find something to do with those chicken breasts. In its Cooking For Two section I found a recipe w

Ikan Billis - The Easy Way

I just learnt a new trick to crisp these fellas up in the oven. Horray!! No bothersome frying with oil. I still can't shake off my experience of frying these way back ago . I had wanted to make porridge to go with it, but the porridge just never did turn up in my pot. Maybe my pot is just not magical, afterall. So in the meanwhile, I am chomping these down as snacks. To crisp ikan billis in oven: (1) Choose clean and preferable headless ikan billis. (2) Rinse a couple of time to rid of unwanted particles and also wash off excess salt. (3) Lay to dry on paper towel and press another paper towel on it to remove excess moisture. (4) Preheat oven to 200 degC and lay a baking sheet with aluminium foil. (5) Spread the ikan billis out evenly on the baking sheet with minimal overlapping. (6) When the ikan billis is slightly coloured, remove from oven and redistribute the ikan billis for more even baking. Total baking time should be about 15 min.

Learning To Slice

I need a bread slicer . I need it now! Hubby just butchered my latest loaf. It is driving me up the wall to see those uneven slices. Arghhhh .... Either that, or I have to go apprentice in some bakery.

Breakfast Challenge

Breakfast is by far the most challenging, and hence often forgone, meal in my house. Getting myself out of bed, regardless of whether it is 7 am or 12 noon, is already a chore enough. Getting our princess out of bed is also another. Do I need more on my plate? As a result, we usually just go with the liquid breakfast. Milk for the two of them and tea for myself. That's it. Yes, it is a sorry state of affairs. And I doubt that things will change anytime soon ceteris paribus. However, one morning I just craved for something sweet. PMS, maybe. And was I glad to have these blueberry scones in the freezer. Yes, they are scones and they have appeared here many times. I can't help it. I just love scones. I can't remember which recipe I had used for this batch of scones, but I know it is either from Cook's Illustrated or Joy of Cooking. Both just taste good. But then again I am partial when it comes to scones. The recipe from Cook's Illustrated can be found here and t

Idle Time

I had just finished a Korean drama, "Pasta", and was quite intrigued by the sign that the restaurant in the show would hang after it had closed for lunch till dinner time. The sign simply said: "Idle Time". But as someone who has worked in a real Italian restuarant before, I know that the time in between has nothing to do with idle. After the last lunch diner leaves the restuarant, wait staff and kitchen crew would start the prep work for the dinner shift, albeit at more relaxed pace. I would like to think that I am on idle time currently too. My cooking has recently been shifted a gear down. Most of my spare time now has been split between catching up on my readings and also trying to cope with our little princess academic progress in school. Her teachers have warned us that the pace of school work will be kicked up a few notches as they start preparing the kids for primary school (!!!). As I have been schooled the mainstream way, I found myself at a complete loss