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Digging for Pennies

Wondering along the magazine aisle of Cold Storage yesterday afternoon, I happened to spot a copy of the Time Magazine sporting a picture of a barlett pear on its cover. After scanning through the article of Who Needs Organic Food , I put down the magazine and returned the carton of our usual fresh milk which was sitting happily in my grocery cart and picked up an organic carton costing almost 3 times more. Crazy? Yes, I think the price definitely is but I can live with myself better for giving Princess milk that is free from growth hormones and antibiotics. Ditto for meats. Cold Storage at Great World City offers Free Range beef and pork. For chicken, so far I found the Sakura chicken offered by NTUC to taste reasonably chickeny and pricing affordable. Here's a post from ieatishootipost about the Sakura chickens here . Now, I have to go dig out the errant pennies from the washing machine and under the sofa to pay for the increased grocery bill.

Weekly Bread

This is the typical loaf that comes out of my oven these days. Princess asked me why the bread always have 3 humps (think camel humps). I told her I haven't the fainitest idea. I just followed the picture of the recipe . The first time that I turned out a soft and cottony bread was somewhere in Jan-2008. Since then, I hadn't baked bread often enough to nail down a single recipe which I could put together without a reference. As I go on with my practice, I realised that I have alot of leftover bread in the freezer which I need to find something to do with. Well, that is a good problem to have right? And also I have even ventured into adding wholemeal flour to it. Just like how I incorporated brown rice into out diet. Just a little, that nobody would be bothered by the addition. Myself, I don't like brown rice nor wholemeal flour for the taste and texture. So I had to sneak it in without being noticed. *Clipped from NYTimes* So after reading this article about white bre

Typical Salad

These days my salad usually look like this. Topped with lots of avocado and drizzled with generous amount of Vietnamese Dipping Sauce. And when there are some Barlett pears to spare, I'll just drop some slices in for some pockets of sweetness. Fruit and vegetable salad combo! My new love.


Looking at my little princess practice her dance in school reminded me of the time when I was dancing in my secondary school. All the hours of practice in preparation for one performance after the next. It was hard work but lots of fun too. During all those practices, we had to repeat our dances until our dance instructor was satisfied. He was sort of a perfectionist. An incorrect tilt of the head or arch of the arm of just one dancer will mean starting from the top again. We would moan and groan when that happened but come time for the show, we could almost dance with absolute confidence. Now it seems to me that if I want to learn to cook something truely well, I might have to go through the same repetitive process until I could cook with the same sort of confidence. Unfortunately, most of the time when I try a new recipe, I seldom repeat it again soon enough to reinforce what I have learnt. So I am hoping to change all that with a few of our favourite recipes. Hopefully with repeti

Art Class @ Home

Drawing is fast becoming what our little princess likes to do best these days. She would draw anything that catches her whim and fancy or by request. So today she drew a robot and was so proud of it that she asked me to take photo and send to her daddy.

Home Bound

This is what's driving us up the wall. She is crazy with itch. I'm crazy from stay home bound. I need some time outside to hear my own thoughts. Some reason to dress up and wear my heels.

Braised Pork Ribs with Dried Chinese Mushrooms

Ahh ... it is so nice be able to sit at home and type a post. Why the change of fortune? Cos my little princess was down to a bad cough and then follow on with HFMD. We have been cooped up at home for the past week and it will be so for another week more. I think I am losing my sanity soon. Hello? Anyone out there? Heeeelloooooo? This is another dish which was meant to be something else, but I had to change it according to the popularity vote before dinner time. I'm not even trying to run for presidential election. Cos I am already the de facto president of the house. This recipe came from Even More Kitchen Secrets from Betty Saw. I was flipping through the book the other day and saw a page that was flagged with a bright orange Post-It. Don't you love Post-It notes? Oh, you don't? Nevermind. It was as if someone was telling me to cook this dish now! That someone was probably me from the past. Cos only I am the only one who flip this book in the house. The signature of Betty

Pasta Salad with Grilled Chicken and Avocado

When I asked Hubby what is the one favourite food that he could eat day in and out, he replied without a thought that it would be pasta. I was quite surprised that he said that given that he can only turn out oriental dishes when left to fend for himself. I have seen this recipe many times in JOC but somehow just didn't even attempt it in earnest. The combination should have been a winner except that I added Chinese parsley to it (note to self: DON'T EVER BUY DECORATIVE CHINESE PARSLEY ! EVER!!) instead of the regular. That's what always happen to me. Either things go very well or very bad.

Roasted Red Bell Peppers

"What's this??!!" exclaimed my non-worldly friend when he saw this photo on iPhone the other day. Well, I guess that is understandable from someone who doesn't even know how to appreciate the wonders of mayonnaise. Anyway, these are some of the red bell peppers which I had roasted last week. I had intended to make some dish from it but they got lost in the fridge and only surfaced recently. Thank goodness they still looked as good, except for some wrinkles on the skin. Since the rest of the ingredients for the original intended dish was gone, I had to find a way to use these peppers up. So the only way, I could think of to prolong the shelf life was to roast them and keep them in oil. Roasting red bell peppers is quite easy. Here's a step-by-step from epicurious . So far I have been eating that with cheddar cheese and bread and also in my Mediterranean-styled pizza recently. As for green and yellow peppers, I'm still working on liking them.

Thai Red Curry Paste

I made this red curry paste at the same time as the Green and thought that if you have seen one, you have seen them all. So lest you think that I am some "everything-homemade" zealots, I thought you might want to know that since the blender is already there and I only need to swap the red chilli for the green. So, why not? Then, I read that someone from The Kitchn was equally bothered by recipes which list ready made curry pastes as an ingredient , that I realised that I am not alone in my gripe about commerical curry pastes. As much as I would like to think of myself as a foodie (defined as "a person with special interest or knowledge of food, a gourmet), the more I know, I realised that the more I do not know. So a foodie I am not. But what I do know is that I haven't tasted a good curry that comes from a jar. I have yet to try Prima Deli , so anyone who has please let me know. Here's the recipe I used for making my red curry paste . But as usual, I took some

Weekend Brunch

Last Saturday we invited a few friends over for brunch and a splash in the pool for the kids. Thank goodness the weather was friendly and before our friends came along, we were slathering layers of sunblock and donning our shades. Of cos, I was no Martha Stewart to have nice placemats nor starched napkins. And I even forgot to take of camera lens cover off the table! Geez ... Now, this was the dish which I had the most questions about. "What do you call this again?" Well, that is understandable. I've never seen anything like this before anywhere except in my cookbook until that day when it came out of my oven. Cook's Illustrated has a photo of it online as well. And now that I look at it, mine looked mushy. Maybe that's why they pictured it whole rather than sliced. The recipe for this Breakfast Strata with Spinach and Gruyere can be found on Cook Like James blog . I did mine with zucchini. Cherry yogurt muffins suffocating under layers of food wrap. Or