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親子どん - Oyakodon

Last Thursday, Hubby finally went to Vivocity. Yeah, we are abit slow in catching up with the trend, but we hate crowds, so going there on a weekday seems the best. We had dined at Shin Kushiya and I'm happy to say that I'm quite please with the quality of food that we have tasted so far. One of the items we ordered was Oyakodon. For more info about this dish, click here . It came with semi-cooked eggs, and I had to request that it be brought back to the kitchen to finish the cooking, as I wanted to give some of it to my little girl. Thankfully the runner was helpful and returned with the fully cook dish within minutes. The dish was yummy! The chicken pieces were tender and flavourful. It was quite a big portion too, enough for me to share with my girl. So, during the weekend, I attempted to make my own version of it. Unfortunately, the recipe I used called for 3 tbsp of sugar to the sauce, which I thought was excessive, so I pared it down to 2 tbsp and still it turned out too

焼きうどん - Yaki Udon

The day after we came back from Tokyo, we immediately suffered from Japanese food craving. No kidding! So we had lunch at a convoyor belt sushi bar, Ichiban Boishi. I spotted this dish on the menu and I couldn't think of a reason why I had never tried it. So when the dish came, I thought it looked very much like our hawker 煮炒 version of Hokkien Mee, except that it is not drenched in dark say sauce. Instead the udon was carried a curry flavour which I thought adds a spunk to it. We ordered Seafood Yaki Udon, but it was more like baby mussels yaki udon. Those mussels didn't taste fresh, which was just as well, since Hubby and I aren't big fans of them. So after browsing a few Japanese websites, I came up with my own version of this dish. I don't think I would be sharing the recipe here cos I don't have the proper measurements for the ingredients.

Japan Food Photos

Here are some of the precious few photos which I snapped. Deep fried chicken pieces Soy base ramen noodle soup Pork bone base ramen noodle soup Chives dumplings Chinese bento box from Keio Plaza supermarket (I love that place!) Tempura bento set from the same supermarket Yes, most of these items could be found in Singapore also. If there is any comfort, I would say that those in Singapore taste as good, if not better, than these I had in Tokyo. Or maybe I wasn't visiting the right places?!

Birthday 2007

This was the surprise birthday cake brought to my house by my best friend (BigFoot) and buddy (Joe) at the stroke of midnight. My Hubby was the mastermind behind this whole surprise. He copied my idea of birthday surprise. On his birthday, I pretended to crave for some kebab food and dragged him to Brazil Churascaria where I had arranged for his buddies to meet us there. Thanks everyone! PS: I should have insisted that they round off the number of candles to 2 instead! Can't see the cake lah!

Time Off In Tokyo

I'm back from Tokyo, despite having spent five nights there, I am still craving for more! Well, don't we all want longer holidays? *Grin* Okay, long story short. I did not bring my D40 along, but I made do with the camcorder whenever possible. As the weather was ridiculously hot, most of the time I have in one hand a fan/water bottle and the other an umbrella, so no hand to hold the camera. So I do apologise for the lack of photos. Initially when I went there, I thought that since I am born and bred here in the sunny island of Singapore, I would be able to handle the heat, but I was so wrong. The average temperature during the afternoons when I was there was about 34 degC! The sun is perpetually scorching until it sets and the heat just saps all my energy away. Going to Tokyo to me was more like a food pilgirmage; to get the actual taste of the food that I have only read of in my cookbook or websites. Although I didn't get to taste as many as I would have liked to due to