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Princess Bento #6

The last Princess Bento was back in February 2009 and the last time I had to pack a bento was back in May 2013 . And what about in between? Well, I guess we can call it change of management. Hubby dug up some of my bento toys and I realised that it is time to get back to bento making. Although I am not really into cutesy stuff, I see bento making as a way of teaching Princess how to eat properly. Eating properly is easier said than done 99% of the time especially now when families just don't have time to cook or even sit down to a meal together. So it is a good idea to let her have this bento box for her recess which is the only meal time we are not with her. As she had made the request to bring a bento box on Sunday night 9pm, I could only managed odds and ends from the fridge which are suitable for bento box on Monday morning. Talk about short notice. Strange that she is asking for bento box for recess, but I am only too happy to oblige.

We Are Heading For the Runway

Every time when I am buckled up in the plane, I will be nervously counting down the to second when the wheels of the plane will be back on ground. Only then will I be able to breathe freely again. I don't think that this is a case of fear of flying, but more like having watched too much documentary films such as Seconds to Disasters or I Shouldn't Be Alive . Information overload. But right now, that is the sort of feeling that I have, except that I am not airborne. Instead I am on the flight path heading to the rite of passage for all twelve year-old Singaporean children, except that Princess is only eleven this year. Just like the nervousness before the flight I am on is even airborne, I am feeling the same emotions even before she is officially promoted to Primary 6. Crazy? You bet.