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Main Course Salads: Roast Pork Ribs Salad

I tagged along with my mom on her Sunday wet market shopping occasionally. Wet market is still my choice venue for getting fresh pork and seafood at a reasonable price. For other stuff, I would prefer to get them in the comfort of an air-conditioned supermarket. Last Sunday I went along with my mom to her usual hunting ground and picked up a whole rack of baby back ribs. After rubbing it with some Cajun Seasoning, I pushed it into the oven for 2 hours and ended up with deliciously tender ribs. Next time I must trying brining it to see if there is any difference. The leftover ribs were then shredded and I pile them on a box of Taylor Organics Baby Herb Salad (S$5.95) mix I picked up from NTUC Finest yesterday. I love the delicate vegetables in this mix. There are just some vegetables in the box which I have never seen before and would never have tasted if not for this mix. But one word of caution: as these vegetables are air-flown from USA, they would have been harvested at leas