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Green Peas Rice Balls

This is essentially shaped fried rice. I had heaps of leftover rice in my fridge and came up with this.

Baby Curry Lunch

I made a mild Japanese curry for our little princess for lunch today. When I tasted it, I it reminded me of those curry that my primary school canteen served in the past. Sweet and thickened with starch. She had seen us eat curry and other spicy dishes many times and had asked to try. So I promised her that one day I would make some "baby curry" for her and so this is it. Prodding her curry .... "Where is the meat?" Splattering everywhere ... And this is the close up ... She left a quarter of the food in the container, but I thought that having half if it in her is already a battle won. However, when I asked her if she liked the curry, she told me she didn't really like it. Oh well, at least she tried. Maybe next time when she is older and we'll try with real curries instead. (^.^)

Review Of My 2007 Food Forecast

With just about 10 or so more weeks to go before the year ends, I can't help but look back on of how my food resolutions for 2007 had turned out so far. * Bake Bread Despite owning and having read (and still reading!!) quite a few books on bread making, I didn't even turn out a loaf of bread! Yes, I had made bread, but they are more like trying out the wonderful book, Dough . So I won't say that I have completed this resolution. * Go Japanese Oh yeah, I have not only gone Japanese in my choice of food but also gone to Japan and learning Japanese now! (^.^) * Go Thai This area is still currently unexplored. The only progress I have made on this was that I bought this very interesting book on Thai cooking . * Eat your veggies Well, I didn't actually made an effort to eat my veggies, but in my cooking of Japanese food, I had cooked dishes with lots of veggies in it. So, yeah, in a way, I am eating my veggies. It seems I scored 2 out of 4 so far. If you are wonderin

*Meow* Bento Dinner

Found this bento box at Daiso - Plaza Sing. Small (340ml) but a good size for toddlers. She was so hungry that she wanted to lick the lid of tiny fish bits! Her dinner contents: Steamed cod fish, stir fried green beans with carrots and chicken, and brown/white rice. All done with dinner. Can I play now??

Kiddy Lunch Bento

I took out another bento box today which my sister has carted back from Japan. This is a two tier box (top 330ml, bottom 250ml). I love the bright cheery orange colour! We were watching The Incredibles and she was a bit distracted. Opening up the box ... Let's try some items ... Here is a close up of what is in the box. Here lunch box is made up of breaded pork fillet, spring rolls and steamed cauliflower with brown/white rice. She didn't like the spring rolls. Sigh... if I had known I won't have bother with it, cos I had to do major cleaning up of all the oil splatters! (-.-') Here a pic of the two tiers. As I mentioned in the earlier blog that the volume of the box roughly equals the calories, obviously this box was just too big for her to handle. She finished 2/3 of the rice 5 finger size pieces of breaded pork and most of the cauliflower. If you are interested to learn more about the volume and calories thingy, check this site . It is a wonderful site packed with lo

Happy Anniversary '07!

Hubby and I have been married for 6 years and counting! (^.^) Although he is not featured in my blog here like my little princess, he is an staunch supporter of my cooking and baking. Throw anything at him and he is game enough to try. Sometimes I think he ought to go for Fear Factor challenge. *Gulps* But of cos, my food are not Fear Factor quality type of food, alright! *Grin*

鶏肉の鍋照り焼き - Chicken Dinner

Back to my Japanese cooking books again. Had some chicken thigh sitting in my fridge to clear. So I made these. They were slightly different from my previous teriyaki-style chicken . Lighter and jucier. This was how it looked in the sauce pan. Gave one to my little princess for dinner. I served her dinner in a bento box just to make things more interesting. The major plus points of serving in a bento are that I am able to tell if she is eating enough for dinner (Hubby said that my expectations were too high) and she was able to help me bring her dinner to her table without fear of spillage (cos of the lid). I read from somewhere that for a kid her age, she should be taking about 350 calories per meal. That bento box is about 380ml and if filled to the brim and packed in proportionate amount of carb, protein and veggies, the volume is roughly equal to the amount of calories. She was so excited to open up the box. And this is her checking out the contents ... And as usual, I had to quick

Kiddy Dinner

This was requested by my little princess. Her favourite breaded fish with bread cubes. I had to grab my camera quick! And here's the first bite! Crunch, crunch... I had the honour of cleaning up her leftover of 2 tiny bits of fish. (-.-') The plate that she was using came from my mom who had used it when me and my sister were young. My sis had a major hang-up then about seperating the foods that she eats, so my mom got this plate. Thank goodness she out grown that!

Pan-seared Eggplants Pasta

Watched David Rocco Dolce Vita last night (or was it the night before?) and he made this seriously sinful pasta dish of fried potatoes and fried eggplants tossed with simple tomato sauce. Yes, tossing fried potatoes into your pasta! Sounds weird to me at first, but when I looked at dish when plated, I know there is nothing weird about it. Here, I took his idea of frying up the eggplants, but pan-seared for my case. The tomato sauce is from the bottle, but I jazzed it up with all the things I can find from my fridge/frezezer. So in went the sliced onions, sliced carrots, diced tomatoe, pan-seared eggplants and frozen cooked chicken (deboned). My little princess had the same thing too, except hers was not tomato sauce based. She has never liked tomato nor cared for tomato sauce, so I made hers with Japanese dashi stock instead and thickened it slightly with starch. But guess what? Right after she finished her lunch and I was having mine, she digged into my pasta as well. Yeah! So we have

Back From Flu

September has been a very trying month for our family and hence my sparodic postings in this blog. There has been many changes and we are all trying our best to cope. And on top of that, we were all down with flu and cough. *Sigh* Well, that is episode is almost over now and we are on our road to recovery. After weeks of suffering from lost of appeitite, I have alot of catching up to do! *Wink*