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So, What’s Your Style?

Recently, Hubby bought a pair of shoes from Rad Russel . There is absolutely nothing special about his pair of work shoes, just that our little princess commented that the soles of the shoes looked colourful. Don’t ask me why they would bother to use such vivid coloured fabric for in the soles of a pair of relatively serious looking, well-cut men’s shoes. Perhaps it is meant for people who take off their shoes pretty often (think: property agents in showflats) or those whose eyes are located on their soles. So after she made that comment this morning in the car en-route to school, Hubby pointed me to the FT’s How To Spend It which frequently run articles discussing about styles of people. He said that the style of a person is pretty much determined by the one single item/theme that always appear on the person’s outfit. So this set me thinking about what my style is. I was still thinking about it later on my way to work. Just before I picked up my stuff and leave the car, I saw what

We Went Back To Bento-ing

I was pretty much into bento-ing back in 2007 . At that time, my main bento box recipient was Hubby who accepted the boxes but grumbled that they looked too cutesy for him. Guess, I lacked ways to make bento boxes macho looking. Is there such a thing in the first place? Since our little princess started morning session, we have been making big Japanese style breakfast for her before sending her to school. Initially she had a bit of trouble finishing up everything, but eventually she adapted and we were busy cranking up different dishes before the crack of dawn. Actually, that was Hubby. All was going well, until one day she woke up at 7.00 a.m.! In the mad rush to get her to school, I told Hubby to pack up the food and let her eat during recess time. But this mummy wasn’t going to send the princess to school on an empty stomach, so I grabbed some bread lying around on the table and told her to munch on it in the car. After I dropped her off at the school front gate, I could hear my

Another Blueberry Scones Post

    These are the first batch of blueberry scones from our new oven. I found some leftover buttermilk from previous pancake making session and also a bit of plain yogurt sitting around in the fridge. As I have said umpteen times here that I am the least creative person in the world, I just stuck to making what I know. And what I know is that scones and muffins can be made from any sort of dairy products. So I mixed the yogurt into the buttermilk and add the mixture into the dry ingredients. Voila! Airy, crumbly and tangy scones.   Arghhh … this photo doesn’t do justice to the scones. I have, erm …. somehow, misplaced my big girl camera during the move. I am quite sure it is sitting somewhere around. (I hope!)   Enjoying these for breakfasts and/or tea breaks is one of the best things I like during hectic days. Especially when it is toasty and with a big cup of tea.