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Names and Shame … Over Pineapple Tarts

Year after year, I have been churning out these little pieces of sinful indulgence for since I have gotten my own built-in oven in my own home. Hmm … Let me see how long is that ... 12 years?? What!! It has been that long already? So I decided that maybe it is time to change things a little and then I came up with these! I don’t really know what I should call these. Little baby butterflies? Where’s the antenna? Worms on blankets? Doesn’t sound too appetising. Can of worms? Whatever the name, the munchies must taste good, right? But unfortunately, I have to hang my head in shame although it was not entirely my fault that they didn’t. You see, I have yet to get myself acquainted with my high-tech oven in my new roof-over-our-heads. The darn thing came with so many options that I had to scratch my head to consider each of them carefully! I am very sure that any one here who had seen these would call them pineapple tarts. So, of course, I had gone with the “Tarts” function even tho

Back To Square One … Or Primary One

After many attempts at The Question , I finally managed to get the answer. Should I laugh or cry? I did neither. Instead I went to the nearest bookshop and bought this. Yes, it is for 7 – 8 years old. And yes, I am quite embarrassed about it. But what is even more embarrassing is that I still can’t solve some of these questions correctly! Questions such as this still get my goat. Annoyingly easy but still requires a bit of thinking. A quarter of a century ago, when Hubby and I were kids in primary school, we did not have to be too bothered by these sort of questions. They seldom make an appearance in our test/exam papers. If they did, we weren’t too bothered by the cost of a few marks lost as most in the cohort were probably in the same state. Questions from Math Olympiad? What is Math Olympiad? I  have never heard of that term back then. Now, it is a totally different story. Some of the questions I have seen in this book had actually appeared in various incarnations in our pri

Excuse Me, Are You A GEP Student?

  When I encounter questions like this, I will send up a quick prayer of thanks that our little princess is not in the GEP programme. This is but just the tip of the iceberg of what they do and I am already drowning in my own confusion! *Head spinning* I need to meditate on this. Bye, see you next year! Ommm … **Update: Princess solved this question in less than 10 minutes. That was a bit longer than the standard require but given that she has never been trained before in such questions, that is quite an achievement. I, on the other than hand, am still working on the solution. Bordering on hopelessness.