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Thyme Out

I have just noticed that my thyme has yellowish leaves growing inside the bunch of them. Arghh ... Does this mean that my thyme is dying? *sob* A little research yield these possibilities: (a) over-watering causing the plants to be water logged, but my thyme has drainage, so this may not be the case. (b) too small a pot which results in less soil available to retain an adequate amount of moisture. (c) lack of direct sun. I'll try correct these and see if the plant gets better. Wish me luck!

Car Lust

Need more words??

Rice Cooked with Meatballs - つくねだんごの炊き込みご飯

Another recipe adapted from the Japanese rice cookbook. From my paltry Japanese vocabulary, つくねだんご (tsukune dango) simply means meatballs (either made from pork or chicken) and 炊き込み (たきこみ or takikomi) means something cooked with rice. The recipe is simple and the ingredient list only calls for a few fresh items. The prep work can be made in advance. See note below. However, I felt that this recipe still needed some work on it. It taste good as it is, but I had expected more bite in the meatballs. Well, I will research into it and hopefully come up with something. **************************** Rice Cooked with Meatballs **************************** 3 cups rice (each cup measures 180ml) 5 cm daikon (white raddish), cut into bite size 1 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp sesame oil 250g minced pork 1 tbsp soy sauce 15cm spring onion, minced 1 tsp ginger, minced 2 tbsp sake 1 tsp cornflour 1. Add soy sauce and sesame oil to the daikon and let stand for 10 mins. Drain the daikon and sprinkle salt sp

Mushroom Rice - Japanese Style

What have I been up to these days? Playing Scrabble with my mom (on both weekdays and weekends!). I'm not kidding you. We love this game and can play it till hours in the morning if my little princess didn't protest that mommy should join her on her bed. O_o So I am trying to come up with easy and prepare ahead meals. Right now my rice cooker is furiously cooking away my latest experiment of Mushroom Rice, while I am sipping iced tea surfing the Internet. The recipe is completely different from my previous Mushroom Rice , which was the creamy sort. This recipe came from one of the Japanese cookbooks I lugged back 2 trips ago and I still haven't even finish trying 10 recipes from it! Tsk, tsk, tsk ... So now I still have to choose another 8 more recipes to try ( I'll tried 1 of its recipe some time ago )! Note to Cousin C: I hope that this one works and you can prepare and bring this to work for lunch! Note to anyone who is trying this recipe: From my experience, t


To water or not to water. I thought that I know that basic before I decided to buy the plants. I mean I killed enough basil previously to know when a plant needs watering. But it seems that I still don't know what I don't know. Am I making sense here? Well, perhaps the different environment dictate different requirements. Without going into any more philosophical talking, suffice to say that my mint plant was near death last night. It was still looking in full bloom when I last looked at in the daylight. But come night time, they collasped! Yes, withered and dying. Gosh! It was merely just 3 days since I brought them home, and I have the first casualty on hand. I watered the plants and went to sleep sadly. After a much troubled sleep, I woke up before the sun and literally ran to planter to check on the mint. Much to my surprise, the little fella looked pretty much the same as when we first bought it. And now I am wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me. That was a clo

Herbs Planter

Couldn't wait for the cammy to come home, so took some photos with my handphone. So here are the babies sitting in my planter now. From clockwise from the left: Thyme, Rosemary, Sweet Basil and Sage. From clockwise from the left: Mint, Thai Basil, Cuphea Hyssopifolia (Purple) and Cuphea Hyssopifolia (Red). I still trying to learn how often to water these plants as it seems that they all have different thirst level. So let's hope they don't die on me before I learn. (^.^)

Seeing Green

If you do notice the "About Me" section on the right side of this blog, you would see that I have indicated there that I would very much love to have a garden of my own to sprout something edible. Though my new pigeon hole doesn't come with a garden, I am contented with a small planter for now. Now I have new babies sitting in the planter since last Saturday, after an afternoon spent agonising at the nursery over which herb to bring home. Well, it wasn't well worth the effort, actually, since I bought all the varieties of herbs on the rack. Upon returning home, I quickly made my first harvest. Well, I did spent S$52 on all the herbs, so it makes good business sense to start recouping my investment while they are still alive, right? No point flogging a dead horse. Or so the saying goes. Now, I have another problem on hand: What to do with all these herbs? But that is a good problem to have. (^.^) For those of my dear followers out there (sorry, if I start to sound a

Buried In Books

I've just gotten my hands on a novel which I came across the other day at the airport. Well, yes, I am one of those cheapskate who would stand and read books without buying while waiting to board a plane. The shop attendant did show their discontentment by trying to arrange books directly infront of me, but the book was just too interesting for me to look up at her. I merely moved aside. Ha! I thought that I would be able to devour the whole 600-page book over the weekend, but I was so dead wrong. It turns out that our little princess came down with a case of mild stomach flu (she caught it from me) and needs more mommy-chummy time than usual. Well, life is never as we planned it to be. So over the weekend, I have managed to cook the Cajun Chicken, Sausage and Corn Stew which was my multiple-meal solution for a lazy weekend. Unfortunately, I was a tad too liberal with my cayenne pepper which resulted in an adults-only meal. Maybe the next time round I will drop the cayenne pepper

More Books than Cooks

Now post move, I am still trying to settle down on a new routine for all of us. Our little princess is now attending school for longer session and although I've effectively usurped the car it also meant that I am the de-facto driver. So many changes in the span of a week! I have done some cooking in my new kitchen but largely churning out things that we familiar with. Perhaps with so many changes we need to hang on to something familiar afterall. I have also done a chilli but I think this blog has seen too many chillis. Ok, enough of my ramblings. Just want to share with you what on earth I am doing right now. Apart from trying to make small adjustments here and there in the house, I am reading quite abit. Books include: Buddha Said , The End of Food , Dawn of Empire and also The Black Swan . Yes, they are not food related the some of them are so profound that I have to chew my way through para by para. But they are interesting reads. Other things that takes up pockets of free