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Where Am I?

Of late, I find that I have been asking myself this very question. To which, frankly, I have still not found the answer nor do I have much hope that I ever will. At least not with my current level of thinking. I feel that I have been swallowed by the dark abyss called “The Primary School Education” some time beginning of this year. Into which I am still in there, groping my way around. Looking backward, I find that I have not come far from where I started. Looking forward, I find that I cannot see beyond my toes. With this state of mental paralysis, I feel compelled to look inward. There are times when I feel like I am akin to an ancient astrologer staring tirelessly at the stars in hopes of charting the great unknown. Alas, as to be expected, I have not the semblance in mental prowess for it. So for now, I trudge along. Until the day I have that ‘Aha’ moment. Hopefully, it won’t take too long.