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Busy, busy ...

Just an update on what I have been up to for the last few weeks. Since buying 3 Japanese bento books and confessing that I can't read Japanese , I have bought another 2 more! I am starting to think that I tend to get hypnotised just at the threshold of Kinnokuniya book shop and would go on such complusive shopping sprees. So to make the best of those books, I've decided to take up basic Japanese. I think I'm slightly over my head, but well, language is a skill isn't it? I haven't been cooking much these past weeks as I was struck with a cold and then with the lazy bug. Till now, I have only managed to read and understand one and a half sentences of the "Introduction" of one of my bento books! First sentence reads: "Instructions for tasty and impressive bentos" Second sentence reads: "Foods [to be included in the bento] must be tasty but well liked." And until this point when I am writing this, I can't be sure that my understa