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Oriental Daze

Hubby and I have been burning midnight oil watching Korean drama "Green Rose". It is super addictive to the point that we always hurriedly cook our dinner and pile our food on our plates and park our bums on the sofa till wee hours in the morning. @_@ Our quickie meals so far have been Oriental (*Sigh* Yes, Hubby prevails.) one dish with meat and veggies in it. So we made: ~ Claypot Beancurd with Minced Meat ~ This is the second time Hubby made this dish. It seems to me that this taste much better than the previous one. Perhaps the fact that he added pan fried egg tofu this time round rather than just adding uncooked plain tofu. His pan-frying of the egg tofu gave me inspiration to do the same for our little tot's dinner. If you haven't already tried it, just dump sliced egg tofu into a frying pan until the surface blisters, and it is just delicious on its own. Well, perhaps preparing kiddy food has rubbed off some healthy eating aspect into my diet, that I tend

Quick Guide to Ingredients in Malay

For the past few days, I have been exploring the recipes in Kuali and gotten utterly confused by the ingredients in Malay names. Below is a quick guide to some of the common ingredients that I have seen appearing frequently. Kayu manis – Cinnamon sticks Jintan manis – Fennel seeds Jintan putih – Cumin seeds Ketumbar – Coriander Kunyit basah – Turmeric root Serai – Lemongrass Daun kemangi – A type of basil Daun kesum – Laksa leaf Bunga kantan – Wild ginger flower buds Lengkuas – Galangal Santan – Coconut milk Buah keras - Candlenuts Kerisik - Fried grated coconut Biji sawi - Mustard seeds Halba - Fenugreek Reference sites: Malaysian Cuisine I am still trying to figure out the following: Pati santan - ? General santan - ? (What’s the difference between the two??) ********************************************************** Addendum: Pati satan means coconut cream.

Tart and Quiche

Here's my Strawberry tart. (Think I need more work with the decorations.) Here is a close up view. The combination of the sweet creme patisserie and strawberries was just wonderful. I have so much of the creme left, I brought it to office today just to dip the leftover strawberries! Absolutely sinful! Here is my Swiss Cheese Quiche. The dough was not rolled up the proper way, and I had to do patch work to get it into the flan pan. The end result: cracks on the crust. =<> Here is a slice of the Quiche. Yes, I think I look like a terrible miser for the thin pathetic filling on the quiche. Well, hear me out. I made the filling with a recipe for a 8 or 9 inch crust. However, as my 8 inch flan pan was in use by the strawberry, I had to use my 10 inch flan pan. And the feather-brained me forgot to adjust the filling accordingly! *Hmphh...* All in all, I would say that Mrs Child's recipes for the dough and quiche are worth the effort. Oh yes, and also Mr. Pepin's crem

Making many firsts

Finally, I have mustered up enough courage to attempt making The Dough . In fact, I must have been feeling very courageous for I made 2 batches of dough. A multi-purpose dough for the quiche and also a sweet light dough for my strawberry tart. Actually, I was persuaded by Julia Child by the way she described it: dough making is really a piece of cake with a food processor. Well, the blending of the dough is, but the shaping of the dough … it is still touch-and-go for me. The dough recipes are from Julia Child’s From The Kitchen Of Julia Child. The first “First”- For the first time in my baking life, I was able to lift the dough up with the wine bottle (which I use as a rolling pin) much like the professionals! And I meant the whole dough!! Wohoo!! But that’s just the sweet dough. The multi-purpose dough … that's another story. The second “First” – I made crème patisserie from scratch. What’s this? If you have eaten a fruit tart from Delifrance Café or any decent fruit tart, this

My hubby's new girlfriend

Yes, Hubby has a new girlfriend. Before going to sleep, he would be deep in thought thinking about what she said and when he wakes up in the morning he would again go to her. She has even taken over my kitchen and most of the dishes on my table comes from her! Hubby has ordered me to follow her instructions and don't try anything funny with her. What can I possibly say to that? She is the professional. I must say that Betty Saw is really something to have converted Hubby from one who doesn't know what is moz cheese to someone who can whip up dishes in under an hour. He made these this morning: Well, from the looks of it it seems like I have no valid reason to put a stop to their liaison and would have to wait for him to be tired of her himself. I meant her oriental dishes.

Lunch box of love

This was what Hubby packed for my lunch today. No, it is not some cutesy bento. It is not even fanciful to say the least. Just simple home cooking he whipped up this morning. The chicken drum is Braised Soy Sauce Chicken (locally known in Mandarin as jiang-you-ji or in Cantonese as xi-yao-gai ) from Betty Saw’s The Best of Chinese Cooking. Food prepared with love warms not only the stomach but the heart as well.

Surprise, surprise

This showed up in my house last night! Yipee!! Yes! It is the KitchenAid which I have been pining hopeless on for the last few weeks and Hubby chose a lovely yellow colour for me. ** Hubby have you been secretly reading this blog? ** It is certainly good to have an indulgent husband. (^.^) Here's the free extra mixing bowl they'd thrown in during this sale period. The purchase also includes 2 free cooking sessions. Seems like I am not the only one who had to agonise a good while before getting a KitchenAid. Read this post from a blogger whom, I think, makes beautiful food, writes really well and takes good photos. I am so excited just thinking of what I can churn out of this!


As a hopeless cookbook addict, I am forever in search for new acquisition targets. In the culinary world, it seems like the Oscars and Grammy Awards equivalent are the James Beard Foundation Book Awards and the International Association of the Culinary Professionals Cookbook Awards . There are so many good books vying for the awards, but just like the Oscars and Grammys, it left me wondering how some even manage to get nominated and made it to the finals. Anyway, that's alot of cookbook to peruse for now.

Braised Beef Brisket

Hubby and I love beef brisket and would gorge ourselves with bowls of it each time we were in Hong Kong. I heard that most of the stalls use the same pot of stock since they started shop. Imagine drinking stock which some of it may have been cooked 15 years ago! Everytime we see beef brisket on the menu here, we would definitely order it, but they don't come close to those we had in Hong Kong. So we resigned ourselves to reminiscing about the beef brisket we had. Enter Betty Saw's The Best of Chinese Cooking. I didn't even know that she has a recipe for beef brisket until Hubby pointed it out cos it was entitled "Braised beef in soy sauce". I had my doubts that this would be the answer to our prayers for THE beef brisket, but since Hubby was willing to try (guess he must be craving for it more than me), I couldn't say no. Hubby did most of the cooking and just after an hour of simmering in the slow cooker (yeah, we adapted the recipe for slow cooker), the

Hot Sour Sichuan Soup

This is the Sichuan soup which I made and mentioned in my earlier post .


Since yesterday's l-o-n-g and lengthy post, I thought that maybe I ought to include "Tidbits" as a regular feature on this page. What's "Tidbits"? Well, it's basically nuggets of miscellaneous info from the web which I thought would be interesting and I would like to keep for future reference. So welcome to the first serving of Tidbits! ~ Was just checking out The Amateur Gourmet (which by the way has his own version of "Tidbits" which he calls "Nibbles"; guess we all need an outlet for fielding in miscellaneous info) and he wrote a post about tart making. It's so funny to think of pastry making in the superior/subordinate light. But I do agree that when tackling any situation, we all need a little bit of confidence to do the trick. Hmm... Noticed that I have coming across pastry making posts. I'm still trying to muster enough courage to tame The Dough . ~ As an cookbook addict, I love collecting not only cookbooks but a

In the past week

I have done some cooking in the last week, but didn’t take photos of them all. Either because I am still trying to convince myself I need a DSLR camera or was too hungry or a combination of the two reasons. This is going to be a long post as there are several things to update here, so let’s get it rolling. On cooking and cookbooks: Tried another recipe from Fuchsia Dunlop’s The Land of Plenty – Hot Sour Soup. This is probably one of Sichuan best famed export. Ask anyone and they would tell you they have either tasted it or heard of it or, better yet, know how to make it. I love hot sour soup, by itself or as the soup base for noodles. Hers was easy to prepare, but somehow it didn't taste like the ones I usually have from restuarants. I served my soup with thick Shanghainese noodles. Well, I just bought a Chinese cooking magazine entitled "Ser-Xiang-Wei" and it has a recipe for this too and it was from one of the chef from a local restaurant. Probably I will make that a

Sichuan Boiled Beef Slices in Fiery Sauce

In the days gone by when Hubby had to do heavy entertaining, he would frequent the Sichuan Dou Hua Restaurant located at UOB Centre. And one of his favourite dish there is the " shui zhu nui rou " (literally means beef boiled in water). But of course the beef is not boiled in water, but in a spicy and delicious stock. I discovered my passion for cooking and baking when I was attending home economics in school, but I never have the chance to do much outside of it since my mom is a wonderful cook. But this passion was rekindled when I got married and hope to feed my hubby well, much like Julia Child (but of course, I haven't taken it to such high level as she did). So this dish is made specially for him and I am so glad that he gave a thumbs up! Cooks usually feel good when their food is appreciated! (^.^) But be forewarned that this dish may cause over-eating of rice, cos the sauce when drizzled over hot steaming rice taste so wonderful! *******************************