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External Memory

I am barely in my 40s and already I am experiencing memory problems. Where is my handphone? Can you remind me when we are suppose to meet? Did I add salt to the dish already? Where was I just now? Somebody told me that some time ago but I cannot remember who. It is increasing in frequency and it is freaking me out. As much as possible I try to rely on my handphone as an external memory. I snap everything from school events, make-up lessons, remedial lessons, letter from teachers/tutors, exam timetable, etc.  Then,as one might have noticed, I have not posted much on this website for some time. It is not that I had suddenly switched my diet to thin air but more like lack of time and inspirations to post anything here. I still cooked aplenty these days, but they usually go undocumented. At most just a snap on my handphone if it is anywhere in sight. This is all well and good, until recently I found that I couldn't remember which recipe I had used for a particular sala