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No Introduction Needed

If you have been following me on this space for some time, you will know that this kind of pictures tend to come up during this season. While I was packing these two little containers for my bosses, I was thinking that this year I needn't make any label for it as these needed no introductions. Whereas, last year I still had to tag my creation as it was just plain weird . My mom had declared that this year we will not be buying any of those usual festive goodies as every year most of it goes into the trash bin. Well, that's good news for our waistlines and wallets but bad news for that itchy mouth like mine! So I decided that if I make them myself, I won't be running afoul of her edict, will I? How very smart of me! Though I have been making these tarts, I was never totally satisfied with the pastry crust I'd tried from various recipes. Either it was too cakey, or doughy, or dry, or something. And then there was the matter of the pineapple filling.

Update on Primary 1

Our little princess has been to school for three days and so far she seems to be enjoying it. In fact, she has been enjoying a little too much. On the first day of school, I packed her favourite tonkatsu for her recess, but on the second day, she told me she wants to try buying her own food. So I took that as a good sign and obliged her with $2 in her pocket. Later that day, she told me she bought cha-siu rice during recess. In my reckoning, that was an acceptable choice. So when she asked to buy in own food from the canteen on the third day, I thought why not. And guess what that little rascal got? Twisties! So she had her first taste of spending at will, especially to get such criminal "luxury". One of the million worries I have for her was handling money. She still hasn't quite grasp the concept of counting money yet and has no notion of the value of money. But I guess that she will acquire those eventually. I told her that when I was in Primary 1, I couldn't

Off To Primary School!

This was what it looked like yesterday when we sent our little princess off to her first day in primary school. She was steady and calm. I was an emotional wreck! Running around, shouting orders, rampaging through things. My mind was in total chaos. Our little princess and Hubby looked at me with pity in their eyes. I told them to shut up. We walked her into her school and then she saw her kindergarten friend. Zoom ... off she went with her friend together into the assembly area where parents were forbidden. Just like that. She was gone. My baby went off to primary school without tears or wanting another hug/kiss from her mummy dearest. She was gone. I was lost, for a moment. In my mind, this is always what she looks like. But it seems that I need to update that mental picture of her.