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Carnivore Sauce

(photo taken from Cook's Illustrated website ) What's not to love when you have a plate like this placed right in front of you? Maybe the glaring fact that you WILL overeat will give you pause. Even our little princess was lured to the table and ate an adult portion despite her dislike for anything with tomato in it. I told her that the sauce over the pasta is called Carnivore Sauce because the variety of meats that went into the pot. Her eyes lit up with a those meat-loving twinkle. I was fully prepared to slave away at the stove just to find out what exactly is an Italian Sunday Gravy. When I read the recipe , I couldn't believe my eyes. Firstly, I need 4 types of meat for this sauce. And secondly, I don't have to brown all the meats. I sent up a prayer silently. It is strange. I have never regard myself as a reglious person, but being in the kitchen seems to make me so. The prep work took less than 15 minutes. I know cos our little princess popped into the

Good Read: Walter The Baker

I swear I will never be sick of children's books which has a theme revolving around food. And from what I have Googled, it seems like there is not lack of books in such catagory. *Grin* I stumbled across this book when I was standing around at the very rowdy children's book section of Kinokuniya (I really pity those overworked shop assistants who would have to pack up that section at the end of the day! I wouldn't wish it on anyone.) while our little princess was busy picking out a book for herself. I was getting impatient and started pulling out books and shoving them in front of her face. Me: "How about this?" She: "No." Me: "How about this? It looks ... interesting." I didn't think I sound very convincing. She: "No thanks." Me: "How about this one? Looks ... exciting." Yeah, I am that pushy. She: "Nope." Me: "Look, we haven't got all day here ... " My eyes roaming back to the bookshelf to

Ice Box Loot

Do you like pot luck gathering? I do. I love it. As a guest at such gathering, you end up eating something which you do not expect or would not normally eat. As a host/hostess, it takes the whole load of stress of food preparation off your shoulder, except for some coordination of the food that your guests prepare to avoid duplication. It could get competitive. Possibly ugly. Men. *Roll eyes* Anyway, during such gathering we always would volunteer to bring a cooler box loaded with chilled drinks. Trust me, most host/hostess would thank you for it. They might even kiss the ground you walk on, if they were desperate. Our cooler box is big enough for a toddler to sit in it and splash around with some ice cubes. One of best thing about bringing a cooler box? We usually end up bringing home a lot more than we had brought along. Sometimes we ended up with ice cream. During our Brunch , we ended up with yogurt. The other day, we ended up with bottles of beer. I had devoutly prayed for some

Savoury Cheese Muffins

Yesterday, I saw an article on The Sunday Times about more supermarkets here are offering a wider variety of cheese in response to the increasing local demand. I'd say it's about time! I grew up on pale soft square slices of so-called cheddar cheese , often found on my breakfast plate in those ungodly morning hours during my school days. I was just too sleepy to even want to know what I was eating. This was my only exposure to cheese until Pizza Hut came along with mozzarella cheese and wedges of Laughing Cow cream cheese started popping up in the supermarkets. It was pathetic. Years later, I still buy those highly processed sliced cheese from time to time despite their almost barely there cheese taste, for our little princess' palate is simply too unaccustomed to the taste of real cheese. And I thought that her immature palate was the only one I had to deal with. Until I met blue cheese. If you Google blue cheese , you will most probably see words such as "pungen

Kimchi Fried Udon

I've made kimchi fried rice , kimchi pancakes as well as kimchi stew and am still constantly looking out for more ways to cook with this fiery delectable stuff. I thought I saw somewhere that you can make kimchi gyoza too. When I saw the bags of udon and kimchi sitting in the fridge, I thought might as well match-make them ala yaki udon style. This is the perfect example of my home cooking style - unconventional fusion and unsystematic measurements.

Good Read: Bee-bim Bop

Whenever I watch Korean drama, I will crave Korean food. Scenes of diners digging heartily into bowls of piping hot soups/stews, hungrily shoving white rice into their faces and the myriad colourful side dishes on the table. I am HUNGRY! I think there is some insidious subconsious brainwashing message embedded in each episode of those drama serials. Well, that's my conspiracy theory at least. In hopes of our little princess joining us in our Korean food craze, I found Bee-bim Bop to be the perfect book to rope her in. She was so intrigued by all the ingredients that go into the dish and had asked me to prepare it for her. Each flip has illustration that spread out over the 2 pages and the reading is simple enough for her to read by herself (with a little help of course). At the end of the book, there is also a recipe for making bee-bim bop. I am always on a look out for food related storybooks which made Hubby to question my ulterior motive - was it really for our little p

I Am Here But Not (Quite) Here

What are my excuses for being missing for the past weeks? (1) Just back from Hong Kong. Disappointing trip. Air pollution, heavy human traffic EVERYWHERE, high cost of living, and most of all, food sucks. The Hong Kong I remembered had all these as well but to a lesser degree. The street food was really good then. Every corner we turn, we would find something interesting and yummy. On the plane there, I had hopes of recapturing those delicious days, but I was just plain wrong. 4 days there seemed like eternity. (2) Been busy reading books. The last trip to Kinokuniya saw me carting 11 books out of the store. That was last month when they had a sale. Tomorrow (17th Nov) they are having another sale and I have already made a list of books to pick up. Will someone please cut up my privilege and credit cards? (3) Photos in camera and not in laptop. Lamest of all excuses. Yes, I am that lazy. I have just managed to upload some food snaps. So do check back with me again. These probably


I have never thought of myself as impressionable. Well, not at 32. But yet, in a recent shopping trip, I found myself saying to Hubby:"I want to get the dress/top/bottom similar to the one the actress wore in [name-of-latest-Korean-drama-to-have-graced-my-tv]." By the way, I have finally laid my claws on Slave Hunter ! If only I could say the same of on lead actor's six-pack. What a hunk! It is truely terrible for the producers/directors to cast such attractive actors in a drama, I get so distracted and Hubby distraught. Korean dramas are evil. Then I found myself opening up a pantry cabinet stuffed full with cans of diced tomatoes. It took me a while to recollect why I actually I bought them in the first place. That's what Korean dramas do to me. They filled my brains with hunks. The cans of diced tomatoes were earmarked for the recipes from The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles . After flipping through the book, I started conjuring images of piping hot pasta t